Saturday, November 24, 2012


Thanksgiving was a lovely day. The sun shone,and the temps were in the 50's. Everything went smoothly-and the food came out great,if I do say so myself ( and I do!) LOL!

My Mom came up for Thanksgiving (as usual) and this year it was just the four of us-Brother B went down to his Dad's for the holiday this year.

I must admit the best tasting item was the pumpkin pie. It was so light and delicious!!

While I am usually running around with my head cut off,I was actually ahead of the game due to my prep the day before. I found myself walking around with nothing to do. I even had more than enough time to scope out the yard for a centerpiece. Some years, I buy flowers,but this year,I wanted to get everything from the yard and use what I already had on hand.

The best items were some dried hydrangeas and azalea branches-the branches have lovely reddish leaves on them. I also had some green apples and gourds.  

I couldn't quite arrange the gourds and apples the way that I liked,so I make a little circle around the bouquet.I also had a couple of votive candle holders with tea lights that I lit while we ate.

The official menu:

-organic turkey rubbed with rosemary/garlic butter ( we grew the rosemary and garlic)
-mashed potatoes ( we grew them)
-sweet potatoes with cinnamon,butter,and home made brown sugar
-green beans ( from the garden)
-brown and serve rolls ( Rick ate gluten free rolls)
-cranberry sauce (the smooth canned kind-we don't have many palates in this house who like whole berry)
-apple stuffing ( my Mom's recipe)
-Gluten free pumpkin pie ( made with farm bought pumpkin,our eggs,and brown sugar)

We ate early,around 1:30,because my Mom can no longer see at night to drive. If it's a short trip,it's one thing,but we live 35 minutes away. After Mom left I watched "An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving" (one my faves!) and then fell asleep during a Walton's marathon around 7:30. I was out for the night. I don't think it was only the dinner- I think that maybe the three or four glasses of wine I had may have contributed to my sleepiness :) I don't drink wine that often,as it can cause me migraines if I drink it at the right time of the month.

That night,while I was in and out of turkey/wine induced sleep,the phone rang and it was the local PD. A button buck ( a male deer with just little nubbins for antlers) had been hit out on Rt 11. The Boys all got in the truck and picked it up,and it is hanging in our garage,and is going to be butchered today. We are going to give some of the meat to our neighbor,who is going through a rough patch.He has two boys and works full time. However, because his now ex girlfriend moved out,he is having a hard time making ends meet and paying the rent,so he has been asking us for various ways to save money.He loves it up here in the country and does not want to move. So we have been giving him advice,(every little bit helps!)He wants to learn how to hunt and butcher,so when The Boys do the butchering tonight,he is going to come over to learn. He does not know that we plan on giving him some meat.

Yesterday I spent working on Christmas gifts and reading.

This morning,I woke up and went to get a cup of coffee. When I opened the cabinet to get a coffee mug,this was there to greet me:

Brother B had left me this birthday message after he made the coffee. He was going out hunting and didn't want to miss his chance on wishing me a happy birthday first thing :)  Oh -it's my birthday today. I am 45 and Fabulous!!!!!

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!!!!


  1. oh Donna - so sorry to get here late!

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend! the 40's are awesome!

    your thanksgiving dinner sounds divine and it doesn't matter that i have been eating turkey leftovers for the past 4 days - i'd still come to your house for turkey dinner - bahahahahah! i also love your centerpiece - it's beautiful!

    anyway, sorry to be late for your birthday but i hope that you had a very special day! your friend,

  2. Thank you,Kymber! It was a great birthday :)

  3. I've came the party late myself!!! A very happy belated birthday to you Donna. I do hope you had a fantastic day with your family. I really love the centerpiece on your table. The red in the leaves looks really beautiful. I am finding more and more I am drawn to simplicity even more so than I was before. Things that are too over the top sometimes feel just that. The gourds are so pretty and fresh around the flowers. I am especially inspired by your menu and how many things you have grown at home! You must be so pleased at this. What a wonderful feeling to know that you are celebrating a holiday centered around being thankful for a bountiful year and harvest and survival on their own and eating your own bountiful harvest!!! Congratulations I think that is wonderful :) Hugs, Amy :)