Sunday, August 22, 2010

....And We're Off!

This weekend has been a fun one. Yesterday I went to a get together of people I went to high school with. While it wasn't well attended,I did see very good friends.It's wonderful to see these people again and just pick up like no time has passed. There have been marriages,divorces, children,good times and bad times these last 24 years. Rick and I had a great time chatting. Though he didn't go to our school,he knows my friends and they are his friends as well. People were very pleased to see how well he is doing compared to our get together last year,and were happy to see how well his knees are working. They were shocked to learn he was 48. They kept saying,"No way!!!" Clean shaven,he looks much younger than he is,no more than 40,max. I probably look older than he does!! :)

Today I am going to my Gardener's Roundtable potluck. We have to make a dish from something we have grown ourselves. I went back on forth on what to make. At first I was going to make a zucchini casserole,but thought better of it since I have never made one before and wasn't even sure how it was going to taste! So I am going to make brown sugar glazed carrots.

When I get back we are going to start packing for our trip to Malone/Burke NY to visit the Almanzo Wilder Farm. I am a huge Laura Ingalls Wilder fan. I love her books,and have read them hundreds of times since my second grade teacher,Mrs.Whittier,introduced me to 'Little House In The Big Woods." The year before,when I was in first grade,the TV series had started. So I was already a fan. People may think it's weird to travel six hours to visit a farm museum,but to me, it's not. I can't wait to step into the house where Almanzo grew up. While I have always known they were actual people,they were long ago and far away. This will make them ...well.....real. I re read "Farmer Boy"and Zach has been re reading it as well. Besides the farm, we are going to visit cemeteries,the Fairgrounds,the grist mill,and take a lot of photos. It's going to be a great trip. We leave bright and early tomorrow morning. It is going to rain,but by late morning up in Northern VT ( where we are going to have a picnic by Lake Champlain) and Northern NY the rain is going to be cleared out. Tuesday when we do our exploring it's going to be nice. We are all quite excited to be going away for a few days,and see a part of American Literature,as well as American History!

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  1. Wouldn't I have loved to go with you on that one! I will be watching for your post about it. You have chosen a beautiful part of the country and a very historic part - I enjoyed travelling through there many years ago.