Friday, August 6, 2010

Say Hello To My Little Friend

I woke up this morning and, as usual,the first thing I did is wander bleary eyed into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Rick is always up before me,and he makes the morning java. I was at the cabinet getting my coffee mug,when Rick called out to me from the living room," Look what's on the counter."

With coffee cup in hand,my eyes started wandering the kitchen counter,trying to focus. The 6 pints of bread and butter pickles were still sitting in place. Some dishes in the sink...what was different? Since I didn't have any coffee in my system,nothing was dawning on me right away. Then I noticed this monstrosity :
Of course, I had to immediately take a picture,coffee be damned! I propped up a smaller zucchini and a 1/2 pint canning jar for size scale. I took out our digital kitchen scale and weighed it. It weighs 4.54 lbs.

My immediate question was " Where in the garden was it?" I had just picked the smaller zucchini on Weds,and never saw this beast! I even looked under the leaves to make sure I didn't miss anything. Maybe I need to start wearing my bifocals full time instead of just when my eyes are tired or I am reading! How in the world did I miss it?

Brother B had checked the garden early this AM and found it nestled under zucchini greenery outside the raised bed.

That's a big honking zucchini!

He also reported that we now have about 20 ears of corn coming in. It's really something how just a few days can make all the difference.We also have a new pumpkin growing. All over the course of two days. I didn't get out to the garden yesterday,so I am anxious to check it out today. When it is terribly humid,I stay inside as much as I can because it makes breathing harder. The only time people should breathe hard is either during exercise or sex!!! :)

Today Zach is going to spend the night at his friend Ethan's house,and My Dear Friend Michelle was planning on bringing them to Water Country (a water park in Portsmouth,which I affectionately call " Urine Country") and since she has to pay to get in,she figured she would go on the water slides,and wanted to know if I wanted to play as well. Sure! I haven't been to a water park in about 32 years. Why not? So we are going to their house later this AM,will have pizza for lunch,the boys will set up their tent outside,then we will go and play. We agree that we may very well be among the oldest,if not the oldest,people there,but what the hell. The humidity is breaking and today the dew point is going to be down in the 30's,so it will be a nice,warm,dry day. It will be a good time!

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