Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Organizing Has Begun

Thursday I finally started my cabinet and drawer organization. As of now I still have four cabinets left:my dinnerware/glassware,cookware,misc dishes/glassware and under the sink cabinets. I figure it is easier to do a few areas at a time than try to do it all at once.

My goal is to streamline what I can. There are glasses,pyrex and corning ware that I never use. Those will go. I did get to clean out one of my lower cabinets and I have put all my candle and soap making supplies in it,finally getting all that out of my bedroom closet!

I never realized how dirty drawers and cabinets can get. It's amazing. It's great to do a little sprucing up.

Here are some photos of what I have done. The first couple photos I mixed up the "Before and After". They are "After and Before."

After of pantry cabinet


Before baking cabinet


Before junk drawer

I had all my sewing items in the junk drawer,until it dawned on me that I could put everything in the drawers of the antique sewing machine. The machine doesn't work,but the drawers do!
The fun continues....... :)


  1. Oh Donna, what a difference it makes hey? And I find it also so satisfying to know it is DONE... I have one of my cupboards to go and under my bed... That is this week's jobs :) Thanks for the inspiration...


  2. It's a pain doing it but when it all looks like that there is a certain satifaction at the end result. I'd slowly working my way through cupsboards and boxes, well everything really, once it's done it'd done! Until the next time!! Good job! :D

  3. Thanks,ladies!Cheering on each other is a big help....keep up the good work!! :)