Monday, August 2, 2010

The Never Ending Battle

Besides having an ever ending battle with dirt and sand that gets tracked in all day long,there is another nemesis that I have a constant struggle with. For a few months a year,it's worse than usual,and it causes me great frustration.

This is the main culprit,our chocolate lab,Sasha. Here she is in all her glory on my recliner. What could this pretty little girl do that is sooooo annoying and frustrating,you may ask? She looks harmless enough. It's actually nothing she has control over.

It's THIS......................................

HAIR! Hair everywhere. Of course,she is not the only one,since we have a black lab/bull mastiff cross named Samson and a tabby cat named Omar. However,I could spin the amount of hair our dear Sasha sheds twice a year into a huge old ball of dog yarn (can one do that?). This pile is just from our living room. Another pile is swept from the bathroom and kitchen. Bear in mind I sweep daily. As soon as the sweeping is done,it looks like nothing got accomplished at all.
It's a good thing we love her! Sigh.


  1. Donna just admit defeat and move on! lol :D I have 3 dogs and 3 cats I said to Joe the other day I reckon I could knit a whole new dog outta the hair I vaccuum up!

  2. I just shave my dogs down every summer. They look horrible but it saves me untold hours of sweeping.

  3. LOL! Sometimes I have to sweep twice a day...what I don't like is it looks like I never sweep my floors,so when people come over (which admittedly isn't that often)I have to tell them,"I did sweep,honest,the dogs are shedding!" That way they don't think I'm a slouch! ;)