Thursday, August 5, 2010


I blogged a few weeks ago about a torrential downpour we had that laid our corn down horizontally. Rick and Brother B set it back up with string and stakes,and we held our collective breath to see if it would die or grow. Here is what it looked like on Tuesday:
Nice and green,and pollen was flying everywhere! A good sign. Then,we noticed this little guy nestled in the stalks:
Corn silk! After a closer inspection,we noticed 9 more silks popping out. So we have 10 little ears of corn growing. We were quite happy. Even if we get only those 10 ears out of the 98 seeds I planted,it's better than having the entire crop destroyed. As Ma Ingalls used to say, "There is no great loss without some small gain." We are still keeping our fingers crossed that we will get more ears,and judging by how nice the stalks look,I think we will.
Today I made 6 more pints of bread and butter pickles after we went school clothes shopping for Zach. Last year he picked out most of his clothes,and this year he asked me if I could refrain from buying him a polo style shirt. "I don't want to look like a geek," he informed me. Both my Mom and I had each bought him a collared shirt last year, which he only wore twice-the first day of school and on picture day.Actually, I think he wore them for Easter and Christmas too. I remember arguing with my Mom when we went school clothes shopping,and I don't think it's worth the aggravation. I did ask him to please get a T shirt without any funky graphics on it for the first day,and for picture day. So we got a striped t shirt,which he picked out. As long as he is happy with his clothes,and they are decent, I really don't care what he wears. I do draw the line at huge baggy pants,however,and thankfully he doesn't like them either ( at least,not so far). He got three pairs of jeans, 5 t shirts,a sweatshirt,and new sneakers. We will get long sleeve shirts later in the season.Any clothes from last year that are looking worse for wear or a bit small will become his "bang around" clothes,and anything that is way too small but decent we will donate. He does still have a few things from last year that fit,so he can still wear them to school.
It has been brutally humid today,and we just had a thunder shower roll over us,so things should start cooling down,or at least drying out some. At least I don't have to water the garden!!!


  1. Yeah Corn! It is looking so nice. I didn't plant any this year but our cukes are going crazy. Pickled 18 quarts and 14 pints yeaterday in the heat. All dill, we still have several jars of bread and butter left so I will do the next batch bread and butter.

    I remember the days of clothes shopping and the discussions about clothes, such a wonderful time in their life isn't it? Sounds like you had a good day.

  2. I'm sooooo jealous of your corn. When I look at the window at my little corn patch, all I see is brown. It had corn on it, but the drought was too much and I couldn't keep enough water on it. Now, it's just dead. Congrats on yours :)

    When I was young, I HATED back to school shopping. I guess even back then I had a guilt complex and would always feel so bad about spending my folks money on clothes. I was a weird kid ;)