Thursday, August 19, 2010

Being Still

Day to day life can be busy. Sometimes it can be stressful. Things can come up at the same time and one can feel they are going in a hundred different directions ,but not getting anywhere or accomplishing anything. Frustration and being overwhelmed sets in and life seems like it is all about tasks and little else. There have been times when even sitting down to relax with a good book didn't work. My mind would be in ten other directions and I would forget what I read as soon as I ended a sentance. Even mindless TV didn't work. What did I do?

I was still.

There are times when I would just go outside,by myself,and sit. No book. No company. Just me and the world around me. I would sit and observe. Not just look but really pay attention. I would watch the bees on the lilac blossoms and be surprised at how many different kinds of bees would be there at once. I would watch the butterflies gracefully flow through the air,and think how bright and beautiful their colors are. Little garter snakes would slither through the cool green grass. I would sit and listen to the symphony of birds and get excited when I would see a bird we have never or rarely seen.I would marvel at the the blue of the sky,the white of the clouds,and the various green of the leaves on the trees. The sound of the wind whispering through our trees is relaxing.Then I find peace.

Peace can be very elusive,but when it washes over me,it's very soothing and clears my mind. I remember what life is all about,and how we are a part of this beautiful place called Earth. I feel connected to all that is around me and it re energizes me. I appreciate things around me more. I am more mindful of things. I would like to say it lasts for a long period of time,but eventually things wind up catching up with me again,and I have to go and be still to refresh my spirit once more.

Sometimes it's on my steps. Sometimes it's in my screen house. Other times it's in the woods or on a mountain.Nature soothes. Just be still.


  1. It's something we all need to do and do it more often than we do now that's for sure! I have a need to see the ocean, but it's raining so hard here it's not going out weather!

  2. Wonderful post Donna. What a lovely blog, you have done such a nice job here. Keep up the good work :)