Thursday, January 27, 2011

All Creatures Great And Small

Not just humans make up our home. We have a mix of animals. Some are pets,some provide us with food. May I present the fellow creatures that are part of life here at The Little Yellow Farm:
Our Narragansett turkeys. They provide us and others with food. Since this photo was taken,our flock has diminished a bit. Just today,we sold one.

This is our cat, Molly Bruce. I must explain his name. When we got him,7 years ago, he was too young to have...well...obvious parts. Zach named him Molly. Then we discovered a bit later that he was a male. So instead of changing it to Bruce,Zach called him Molly Bruce. We also call him Molly The Bruce (after watching Braveheart where they call the leader of Scotland "The Bruce"),Battlecat,and Bubbaloo.He is our outdoor cat.

This is our Chocolate Lab,Sasha.She will be 7 on St.Patrick's Day. We also call her Sasha Girl,and Pretty Girl

Our chickens and Runt,the Rooster. I always talk to them when I go to gather eggs. The cackle at me like they understand. Chickens are cool.
This is Moxie. He is the cat we found staying in our log pile. He has grown quite a bit,and enjoys eating cough drops,cookies,butter,and just about anything else he can get his furry little paws on.He loves carrying kleenex,pencils,and assorted other things around. We also call him Puss and Purr Puss.
This is my baby. Her official name is Omar. Again,Zach named her before we could tell what sex she was. So to make it sound a bit more feminine,we call her Little O. She is very laid back and likes to lay on feet at night.
Last,but certainly not least,we have Rick's baby:
This is our Bull Mastiff/Black Lab cross,Samson. Samson Sunny D Shaw,to be precise. We got him when we first moved here in Dec of 2003. We adopted him from the Straham Humane Society. He came from Maine,where his owners moved and just left him behind,tied up outside. A kind neighbor took him in and brought him to the pound. When I first saw him online,he looked mean,but when we went to the Humane Society,we went into a room with him and he went and sat right next to Zach,so we knew it was a good fit. He's a really good dog,who is getting quite old,as you can see by the white on his face. He has several names:Samsonite,Seamus,Shamoose,Moose,Lummox,and Tank.

There you are,the other than human creatures that make up our home.


  1. we refer to our dog Odin as "Moose" too!!!! great pics :-)

  2. Wonderful! Love hearing about people's animals. We are selves just discovered that our kitten, May, is a boy. We call him Maynard now. :D