Monday, January 3, 2011

No Resolutions

This year for the first time I have decided not to have any New Year's Resolutions.Not because I don't want to set goals,but because my Resolutions always fall by the wayside by March and I am tired of setting myself up for failure.(  For the last 10 years, my main resolution has been about losing weight) All I can do is what I can do,and I refuse to beat myself up for it. Besides,what difference will a New Year bring? It's all up to me. I know a New Year brings the thought of a clean slate ahead,just waiting for me to write upon it, and I am eager to do that,but I don't want to feel under pressure to do so. It has to be because I want to do something,not because it's January 1. Besides,January 1 or  June 1, it's all the same thing,isn't it?

That's not to say I am not looking forward to the year ahead! We have started receiving seed catalogs,so this has spurned on excitement about our next garden,which we plan on doubling this year. We are going to start planning it within the next few weeks,as it won't be long before our little seeds need to be started. One thing I think we will have to wait on is goats. We love them and want them,but we have much to do this coming Spring and Summer,and I do not want to put more on our plate. We want to put a metal roof on the house and garage. We have had issues with ice dams . We need to build more square foot garden boxes and get those ready for planting. We need a new deck,and new porch stairs. Our house and garage need to be painted.We need to redo our mud room so it's weatherproof. If we didn't have that much to do,I would be more apt to say yes to goats this year.

Today begins our back to normal routine. I am taking down our Christmas decorations,but might leave our pretty tree up for a few more days. That is the sad thing about after the holidays-all that work,planning,decorating-and then it's all over. Sigh.

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