Monday, January 10, 2011

Organizing Weekend

I have tried for the last two days to post some pictures,but for some reason Blogger is not allowing me to do so.  Damn technology! :)

Friday and Saturday Rick and I spent our days doing some organizing. Friday he organized his closet,and picked up the things he had laying around the bedroom (some since he got back from rehab!!!) .While he was doing that,I cleaned the bathroom and organized the bathroom closet.We do not have much storage in the bathroom-the closet is it. No medicine cabinet,or over the toilet storage shelves. Just the closet (that will change when we redo the bathroom next month).I threw out outdated medicines,wiped down shelves,and refolded towels,etc. On our top shelf we keep tablecloths,napkins,place mats,curtains,sheets,etc. Second shelf down is towels,and soap. Third shelf I have an old basket that is divided into three sections:one section for first aid,second for extra toothbrushes and floss,and the third for various things like cold meds,thermometers,peroxide,etc. On this shelf is also other items like deodorant,etc. Bottom shelf has small storage bins,one for Rick,one for me,and one for our travel size items. Our scale and toilet paper also reside there.

Saturday Rick organized his gun safe,and I organized our book case. It has two glass doors,so one can see everything in it. There was not enough room for our books,so Rick had to take out his military things from the top shelf. I did get rid of a couple of books that I have no interest in. I dusted the shelves and now everything looks so neat and orderly,not like before where books where piled on top of each other. Some folks might suggest that I just go to the library,instead of buying books,therefore saving space. To be honest, I like to have a book when I want it. If I get the urge to read a book at any given time of the day,I don't  want to have to travel to the library to get it.What if it's been taken out? No thanks. I am more than happy to spend money on a book,because I am the type of person to read and re read a book many,many times,so the investment is more than worth it . Of course,some books don't quite live up to my expectations,but those are few and far between.

Zach is also in the midst of organizing.Of course,his way of organizing is to do something for a few minutes,take a break,then maybe get back to it. This Wednesday he has an early release (if he has school at all;we may be getting a snow storm) so I am going to help him out a bit.He has VCR tapes,books,and games that he is now too big for. Time for a purge!

Sunday I spent napping as I had a bad menstrual headache.So no organizing that day.

What are you in midst of organizing?


  1. I am in the mist of organizing our kitchen cabinets. Cleaned out the pantry and am giving away a lot of non perishable food items that we bought, but will probably never use. Next will be under the sink.. Oh my, what a mess that shall be....

    Teri Clough Whitten

  2. It must be something in the frigid New England air.. I am about to organize the kitchen cupboards and the pantry (unfortunately located is the basement due to space constraints). I decided it was time as I found a basket of potatoes that sprouted eyes and smelling a bit funky... lol.
    I too am an avid reader and feel like my books on shelves are friends. I make sure to purge but enjoy my buddies.
    Thank you for posting- I really enjoy reading!

  3. I've done a lot of reorganizing and purging these past couple of years. Just went through before Christmas and re-did some. :) Every year, when I take down Christmas decorations, I get the urge to change things up a bit and that's what I'm doing...but just a little.
    Really need to go through a couple of closets in the basement with my husband.

  4. Teri-I too need to do under the sink,and it's going to be interesting. Yuck!
    M-I have found funky potatoes many times,they are soo nasty.Good luck in your pantry...glad you are enjoying the blog!
    Laura-have fun with the closets! I need to do mine as well :)
    Thanks for reading the blog,ladies! I appreciate it :)