Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Storm Brings Contentment

Here in NH,we are in the middle of  a good ole' Nor'easter. This particular storm is the massive combination of two fronts,which collided around Long Island. Here in the southeast part of the Lakes Region,we are suppose to get up to 14". Further south in the state we are going to get up to 18".

The wind is pretty steady and the snow is coming in bands,getting progressively worse. The snow is getting stuck to our screens,and to the windows on the French doors. At some points, you can't even see across the street. The photo above was taken over an hour ago,and the snow is coming down heavier and faster now. I can't make out the trees across the street. The wind is causing drifting,and the snow is getting deeper and deeper with each passing moment.

Today is a pajamas day. I have a bad headache,and I am not going anywhere. I showered,and I as went to dress,I thought about it and said,"Why bother today?" With my headache not much is going to get accomplished,and I will probably nap at some point. Thankfully, I made laundry soap yesterday. I am very glad I did not put it off until today.

Needless to say,Zach does not have school .  He was only going to have half a day,anyway,so if for some bizarre reason they decided to have school we weren't going to send him. They would've wound up sending him home. I was going to help him clean up his room,but with my head feeling as it does,that is not going to happen. We can tackle that this weekend.

We are heading into the worst part of the storm,where accumulation is going to be anywhere from 1"-2" an hour.The plow trucks cannot keep up with it. People are being told to stay off the roads if at all possible. The road our driveway is on,Avon Lane,is a Class 6 road,meaning it's dirt.It's considered a right of way road,and not maintained by the town. There are only 5 houses on it (our driveway is on it,but our address is the main road,since we are on the corner) and it's a dead end. Happily,we have a couple of neighbors who live on Avon Lane who have plow trucks,so they make a sweep every now and then. It doesn't matter though,as we are not going anywhere today,and my Gardener's Roundtable meeting has been cancelled for tonight.

Right now our wood stove is going,and our Little Cottage is nice and cozy. Zach is playing with his Xbox,Rick is washing dishes. He is going outside with Brother B once he is done to do some snow blowing/shoveling.Zach will be helping too.Our little Chocolate Lab,Sasha,is curled up in my recliner. Our Black Lab/Bull Mastiff cross Samson,is laying in front of the wood stove. Little O,our cat is laying contentedly on our bed. Moxie,our newest cat, is resting under Zach's bed.  The turkeys are  in their shelter,the chickens are all in their house,with the extra hay helping to keep them nice and warm. There is something about having a storm raging outside and knowing everything and everyone is safe.Let it snow! Contentment is the feeling of the day here at our Little Yellow Farm.

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