Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Things That Keep Returning

Well, here I am,feeling better but still fighting cold symptoms. This cold is kicking many a butt in our area. Because all I have been doing since I last posted on Saturday was the same thing,I figured I wouldn't bore you with it! Wake up,computer,putter around the house a bit,lay down,Dr Quinn. That's it.

Among some of the things that keep coming back this week :turkeys and snow. Yep.This 10 days we have had four turkey sightings:two in our yard,and two across the street. We had Tom turkeys trying to get in our turkey cage,and they tried to fight our Toms through the cage. Girl turkeys and food,what more could a male turkey want? I took this photo yesterday:

This was a flock of 14 turkeys across the street. They pecked at the ground,at what we assumed was acorns,for quite a while. Cars didn't even scare them. They then decided that they would work their way into the woods. This particular group didn't come through our yard. There were no tracks,so they must've come right from the woods. This AM,we had another flock of turkeys in the same spot,but there were only about 6 this time.  I am sure that they are part of the same flock. The first sighting was over 20 turkeys by our vehicles,but by the time we knew they were there,they had already crossed the street. Our neighbor Kelly called and told us they had been by the cars,next to the chicken coop.

The next thing that keeps coming back is this:
Snow.Today is the first day since the week began that we have a nice sunny day. In the last week we have had well over a foot of snow from the two snowstorms. This photo shows one of the heavier bands of snow we had.We had light snow again yesterday.Tomorrow we are going to get more snow-with higher amounts than previously thought. The front is moving further north,so instead of an inch or two,we are going to get 5"-10". Looks like Zach might get another snow day this week.

There is something else that has returned. Those of you in their 40's and older might remember the show "Family Affair" and Buffy's doll,Mrs.Beasley. In 1972,I received a Mrs.Beasley for Christmas. It remains one of my favorite gifts. Rick found Mrs Beasley and bought her for me as an early Valentines' Day present! He said that he remembered how much I loved Mrs Beasley and how when Christmas time rolls around I always mention her as one of my favorite gifts. I felt like a four year old all over again,and all I could say was,'Mrs.Beasley!' over and over again. Now,going on 40 years later,Mrs Beasley and I have been reunited. What a kind,thoughtful,hubby I have!!!!

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  1. Hi Donna, glad to hear you are feeling better. Long time no speakee, I don't know where January went, wasn't it Christmas a minute ago! :D I'm still playing catch up here :D why have I never noticed you Facebook badge there? Look out for me, I coming to find you! :D ♥