Thursday, March 8, 2012

Glimpse of the Future

Today is a gorgeous day,the temps are going to be in the 50's. The snow is melting,the sun is warm,and I can hear some birds singing. Ahhhh...bliss.

Last night the parents of the Fall Freshman were invited to a meeting at the high school. Rick,Zach,and myself went. The principal,asst principal,guidance counselors and heads of the depts all spoke about school,the classes,etc. Zach received a book of offered courses,and a course registration form. (They will be going over these more at length in school today,as not everyone went to the meeting last night.) The teachers will check  off what level they feel the student should take in their respective course-general,college prep,or honors.Parents,of course,have the opportunity to disagree if they feel the teachers recommendation is too much or too little. Zach is planning on going to college,so naturally we want him to take all college prep courses,and I think he could even do the honors course in English (which is a bit harder than college prep).Freshman are required to take 6 credits. Graduation requires 21 credits. ( When I graduated,we were required 18 credits,but of course that's back in the Dark Ages of the 1980's!) After the speakers,we could take a map of the school and walk around a bit. Zach and his classmates will have a "Step Up" day where they go to the high school,and their first day of school is only open for Freshman,so the Freshman can get to their classes without all the other kids being there,which I think is a fabulous idea. So far,I like all the teachers that we listened to,and we did get to speak with the Physical Science teacher,who admitted that in her College Prep class that she is the toughest teacher in school. I immediately liked her. I also liked the fact that if the students have any questions that don't get answered in school,they have email and cell phone numbers to contact the teachers. They are all there to make sure the children succeed,but,as they say,if parents aren't involved,it makes their job harder. I heartily agree. My child's education is not just up to the teachers,it's up to Rick,myself,and Zach as well.

Zach has until March 19 to register for his classes on line. My,how times have changed! I remember when I was going into high school,we were given a course booklet,and one day we went to the high school and had to go and sign up at the tables for each  course. First come first served,which meant if you missed getting a course in the period slot you wanted,you had to rearrange your whole day. It was nerve wracking .Especially if you were trying to get a class with a friend or boyfriend!

The principal began by welcoming the parents of the "class of 2016." That hit home. 2016 is going to come quick,and though I am anxious for Zach to fly and take wing so I can see they kind of man he will become,I also dread it,because I won't have my little boy anymore.


  1. oh Donna - he is becoming a little man and going to high school! i imagine it feels a little crazy seeing as how he is still your baby! 2016 will come pretty fast so you will have to savour every moment of the next few years. you, and he, are both entering a new phase in life. enjoy, my friend!

    your friend,