Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snowy Day

We have a sense that it's winter around here. We are finally having a good old fashioned storm.....
We are suppose to get anywhere from 7"-12". I guess this is the typical big storm once we see robins.The other day,we had a big old flock in our yard,so we knew we were due for another big old storm. We are getting heavy snow right now,and the bands of moderate to heavy snow are suppose to last all day. Bring it on!

I received my garden seeds the other day. My old ones were three years old,so it was time to replace them.This year,I have gone with heirloom and organic seeds,though I do have a few hybrids left that I just bought last year,so I can't just throw them out and waste them. New seeds are sugar peas,and chamomile.I still need to order my navy beans. That will be new as well.

Zach is all better,and Rick still has a bit of a cough,but he is much better,and so is Brother B. I still have congestion and get real tired by the middle of the afternoon,so I have been napping the last few days. I did get out and grocery shop on Tuesday-it's the first time I  have felt like I could drive in two weeks. Yesterday Rick and I went out to get Zach's birthday gift,which I won't reveal yet,in case he reads this post! He will be 14 on Saturday. My,how time flies!!!  I have been knitting Brother B's other sock,finally.

I have a new great nephew! My niece,Tara (my sister's daughter) gave birth to Maximus Flynn Pitcher,whom they call Max. He is a cutie,lots of dark hair,just like Tara had when she was born. We are anxiously waiting for Rick's nephew Dwight (his brother Spencer's son) and his girlfriend,Tiara,to have their baby girl.

Have a Lovely Day on this this Lovely Planet!

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