Friday, March 23, 2012

Trimming The Tree

Sounds like something one does at Christmas! No,silly,not that kind of tree...we are talking about an apple tee!

We planted our Jonathan apple tree before Rick left for Iraq in 2005. We have discussing trimming this tree for a couple of years now,and just never got around to it....
Can you tell?

A "wee" bit too tall,the branches are growing straight up,there were branches that crossed each other,and branches way too low...all apple tree no- nos.
So,how does one trim an apple tree? Good question,as we had no clue,either. Happily,the University of New Hampshire has a Cooperative Extensive Service,and their website gave us the how tos.

1)Remove any dead,diseased or broken branches (we didn't have any)

2) Cut the height of the tree by cutting the main upright growing branches moderately ( I think we went beyond moderate,but our tree was really way too tall). The branches should be on a horizontal lateral after you cut them.

3) Remove "water spouts"-fast growing,upright branches-and branches that cross and rub.

4)Prune to leave branches going horizontally. Get rid of the ones that hang down or grow upward.

5)Trim lowest branches so they are about 2' off the ground

That is the main jist of it.

Here is how it looks now:

It looks a bit sad,doesn't it? The poor tree was really out of control. I am curious to see if it affects the harvest. I would assume so,at least for this year. Then again,I could be wrong.

                                                              The leftovers.......
We are going to put the branches in the wood chipper and save the chips. We hope to make a smoker this year and would like to use some nice apple wood chips to use for smoke.

Another gorgeous day outside,though not quite as warm as the previous four days,but still lovely just the same!

Have a Fabulous Day on this Fabulous Planet!


  1. thanks for the tips about pruning the apple tree - we have 2 that we haven't pruned ever and they were planted way too close together by the previous owner. we are planning on pruning them in the next few days. i have checked all kinds of books and websites and am actually a little afraid. i can see by looking at the pics what you guys have done and will use your example to do ours!

    your friend,

  2. Our goats and cows help with the trimming of our trees! The buggas! lol