Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Smell of Spring

The weather here has been absolutely lovely.(Today however,it's gray and drizzly) We have had record breaking temps the last few days in the state. Some areas have hit 70 degrees. Usually at this time of the year,we are in the 40's or colder. Most of the snow is gone,and I have been hearing the birds singing again,which is wonderful. Yesterday we had a couple windows open,and I could smell that lovely,fresh spring scent-a combination of clean,fresh air,and wet earth. It was fabulous!

The sad thing going on right now is our cat Moxie,got out and has been gone for a week. Moxie is the tiger cat we found in our woodpile last spring. Rick was letting the dogs out,and Moxie scooted right out the door,which he has never done before. He stopped on the deck,and Rick called him,but all he did was look at Rick,and take off. We haven't seen him since. I hope that someone finds him and calls the Vets office with the info on the Moxie's tag,but so far no luck. We have so many wild animals around here,especially coyotes,that I fear Moxie became a victim to one of them.

As much as I love my dogs,I am by nature a cat person. I love my cats.I love the softness of their fur,cuddling with them,and patting them. Moxie would jump on the bed with me,and I would pat him and he would purr away. Smokey is also missing him.They would play together. The first couple of days Smokey would walk around meowing,looking for Moxie. It was so sad. I am quite heartbroken over our missing Puss.

We decided not tap our trees this year. We have other left over business (ie the kitchen)that we need to get cracking on again. Between Rick's med change over and the health in the house,the last two months have pretty much been a wash. I am feeling back to normal again,though I still feel wiped out by 3:00 PM and more often than not I have been taking a bit of snooze at that time of the day. I guess the bronchitis really wiped me out more than I know. However, I have been doing more and going out more,so that is a good thing.

Friday is Rick and Donna's Excellent Adventure-we are heading down to Boston for Rick's psych evaluation for the military. We are going to take the Amtrak Downeaster out of Dover down to North Station,and from there hop on the T Green Line. I think Rick has been on  trains when he was stationed in Italy-I have never been on one.Nor have either of us ever taken one into Boston. I just can't drive down there-I did it once,and it was like taking your life into your hands.Plus,there is no parking by the Dr office,which is in the Back Bay area. From were the green line drops us off it's only a 5 minute walk to the office. This should be interesting. A man with PTSD/TBI and a woman with anxiety issues in Boston trying to navigate the transportation system! It is probably easier than we know,but of course,whenever something comes up that I have never done before,the anxiety tends to take over.Once I accomplish it,and it's never as daunting as it is in my head,I always feel silly for getting so worked up to begin with. I know Rick is going to be pinging off the walls-his hypervigilence is going to be terrible,strange place,crowded train-and I know that he is going to wiped out by the end of the day. However,we are going to get down there early,find where we need to go,and to do some exploring in the Back Bay Village. Maybe we can even take a walk on the Common. It's supposedly not far from the Drs office. If this goes smoothly I hope to someday take another trek back to Boston with Rick and Zach and go to the Museum of Fine Arts. I went in school for a field trip and fell in love with it!

Right now I am all by myself.Rick and Brother B are going down to Brother Dale's house for something or another,then going to Paul's house to drop off some metal for for him. Paul is an Army Buddy of Rick's who was in Iraq with him,and he collects metal for extra money. I don't get to be alone in the house very often,and I admit I enjoy the silence. I usually have to have something for background noise-the radio or the TV-but at this moment,the silence is lovely. All I hear are the dogs heavy breathing as they sleep. The dishes are washed,the wood stove going,and the house is nice and cozy. I am working on the instep on Brother B's sock,the mate to the one I knitted last year :)  I have also been reading "The Six Wives of Henry the Eighth" which has been a very informative and fascinating read. I started my interest with Henry the Eighth after watching "The Tudors",which I am re- watching now at night. Any historical subject that I find intriguing makes me want to learn more about it-hence,learning about Henry's wives and the Tudors. Keep learning,I always say.

I hope all is well in your part of the Lovely Planet!

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