Monday, March 5, 2012

Special Day

Saturday was Zach's 14th birthday. His request for his birthday dinner was lasagna (which I made gluten free) and he wanted devil's food cake with chocolate frosting (which Rick made non gluten free). Late morning Zach and I visited my Mom,who is doing great. We had some lunch and a nice chat. She was amazed at how much Zach has grown since she saw him last,which was Christmas time.

Rick and I wanted to get Zach something for his birthday that he would use for school,and we decided to get him his own laptop. We found a new line of Toshiba on sale at Staples and purchased Office for Students. More and more of his schoolwork involves using the computer-graphs for science class,reports,etc. He was quite excited and surprised!

Zach was officially 14 at 8:03 AM. He was a C-section baby,with a planned date of delivery. He was breech,and at my last regular appt,my Dr told me that they could either manually turn him which 1)would be very painful and 2)probably wouldn't work,since most first babies seem to turn right back to breech again,or they could just schedule a C-section. I opted for the C section. It was very strange the night of March 2 sitting at home knowing that it was the last evening where it would be just two of us-that the next time I came back into the house I would have a baby in tow,and our lives would be changed forever. Zach was gorgeous when he was born. The nurses wanted to give him a 10 on the newborn scale,but the Dr told them "we never give out 10's"-so they rated him an 8 and a 9. He stayed in the room with me,and everyone kept telling me to rest and take a nap,but I wasn't tired in the least. They were also amazed that I wasn't asking for more pain medication!

We also have a new member of the family,born on Zach's birthday. We have a new great niece,Farrah Marie Lussier-Shaw. Rick's nephew Dwight and his girlfriend Tiara are the proud parents. So now Zach and Farrah are bound not just by genetics,but by the same birth date! Welcome to the family,Farrah!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Zach!!! 14 is such an exciting age! and welcome little Farrah!

    your friend,

  2. Sounds like he had a great day ♥ I had a caesar with Michael, he was an undiagnosed breech, of course they let me go 19 hours before deciding he wasn't coming out the proper way!! :D