Friday, March 2, 2012

Playing In The Snow

 A few days ago,My Dear Friend Michelle called to see if Zach and I wanted to tubing with Pack 188,our old cub scout pack.Her youngest son is still in it,and Zach could keep her older son,Ethan,company. Thankfully,she drove. I don't drive in snow,which sounds silly,living in NH. However, I have had too many close calls ( car spinning in a 360 on the highway when I was pregnant,going off the road) to be comfortable driving. I have enough problems with anxiety,and that makes it much worse.

We went to Moose Mountain,which we can just about see from our house.(We see the closer mountains of the range). Moose Mountain,back in the 70's,was ski mountain which eventually went bottom up and remained abandoned for many years. A couple years ago,someone bought it and made a tubing area. Because of the weather,the 27 folks that showed up from the pack were the only ones there,which meant you could  ride up on the tube,slide down,and go right back up lines. This was the most physical activity I have had for a while,and boy,when I got home, I felt it! My arms and back ached soo bad. This AM my arms are sore (from running,flopping on the tube,and pushing myself up out of the tube when I had to unload at the top of the hill). We had heavy snow the whole time we were there,which added to the fun. The cost wasn't bad,either-$13 for two hours. It was also nice seeing some of my old Pack friends again!

This morning we have large icicles hanging off the the eaves,probably because we have our roof heat tape on to prevent ice dams. Big suckers!

If you had snow yesterday,did you get to go out and play in it?

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  1. What an awesome day you had!

    I miss the sledding and winter adventures from back home in NH. If I tried that here I would have rock rash and my sled would look like a sifter.
    But I don't have bug season!