Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A New Chapter...And Yes,More Deck Photos (The Last...I Promise!)

Today is a Big Day,a New Chapter,if you will.

Zach starts High School. Sigh. My child is growing up and I am torn! On one hand,I don't want him to grow up. I want him to be the adorable little child he was,cuddly and cute. On the other,I am anxious to see him grow and become the amazing adult I know he will be.I just don't want it to happen too fast.

Last night there was an ice cream social for Freshman and their parents. The principal spoke about a new Wiki School program on line to help keep parents in the loop,and they are continuing another on line program (the name escapes me) in which we can see assignments,grades,teacher comments,etc. Today is Freshman Orientation,and they will be the only ones in school.Tomorrow,all high school students begin their classes. Zach was a bit nervous,which is natural. 

We,of course,had to give him a hard time as he got on the bus. As Audrey ( our great bus driver who loves Zach) pulled up,we started pointing at Zach and yelling,"Freshman! Freshman!" until he got on the bus. Audrey laughed hysterically. In the past when she pulled up on the first day of school,we have poured champagne,or jumped up and down cheering wildly. It's all in good fun,of course,and Zach is not embarrassed by it. If he was,he would not have any qualms about letting us know. Whatever we decide to do,it's never a surprise.He's always well informed! As the bus pulled away,he smiled and waved out the window.

And finally...yes,MORE deck photos. These are the last ones, I promise. Rick and I enjoyed a lovely breakfast of bacon,eggs,and pancakes the other morning on the deck.It was fabulous chatting with the background of birds and squirrels having their own conversations. Very relaxing!

You remember the old deck....

Lovely,wasn't it? Not the kind of place I wanted to relax on.

Here it is now,in all it's hard built glory.........

One of the nice things about the deck is we have a natural tree screen that blocks us from the road. You can see it (sort of) in the last photo. I took it from where I now sit-in the corner. The lattice work blocks me from my neighbors view,and with the trees blocking the road,it makes a nice cozy corner to curl up with a cup of coffee and a book ( or my Kindle,depending on what I want to read). Even just sitting and enjoying the birds on the feeders is fabulous. It also gives Zach a bit of privacy,because one of his bedroom windows is right outside the deck ( see the second photo) so when anyone is sitting outside they can no longer look right into his room.

Have a fabulous day on this fabulous Planet!!!


  1. woohoo for Zach! oh my - i hope that he has a lovely first day! i understand that you are torn, Donna, as would any woman or mother! from everything i have read on your blog, he seems like a fine young man and you should be very proud of him (which i know you are!). bahahahahaha about teasing him at the bus stop! that's awesome!

    speaking of awesome - that deck is freakin AWESOME! oh i used to have a beautiful deck back in the city - now i just got a plastic wrapped porch - bahahahaha! no, really, enjoy your beautiful deck and pergola. i am glad that it is serving so many purposes and providing such privacy. it's beautiful Donna!

    your friend,

  2. Thank you,Kymber! :) Zach had a good first day and Glen stopped by to see the deck completed. It's great to finally have it done!

  3. Thank you,Wendy! Rick has informed me that I cannot mention anymore "projects' for a while. I don't blame him ;)