Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday Bash

It's hubby has now reached his 50th year on this planet! I hope that this decade is kinder to him than the last one was.

Sorry,I have no photos-my battery died when I tried to take the first one :(  

The deck is not completely finished,though we could sit out on it. We put our outdoor table and chairs on it and put our pop up canopy on the deck in case it rained. Thankfully,it didn't rain,but the humidity was still quite high (over 70%). However,sitting still was not that bad.

Rick's Dad, Dick,brothers Spencer and Dale,Dale's son Brody,and my Mom and sister Linda all came up for the big day. I wasn't sure if everyone would want to hang outside in the humidity,but everyone did. ( Like I said,just sitting and chatting wasn't bad at all). Here in our house,on birthdays,the birthday person can pick what they want for their birthday meal. Rick chose lobster and steamers. Us minions had hamburgers and hotdogs. We all enjoyed gluten free macaroni salad (corn pasta-not too bad,and light tasting),potato salad,Utz chips (gluten free),and of course, gluten free birthday cake (packaged Betty Crocker) and gluten free french vanilla ice cream (Breyer's).

Brother B had asked Zach to make a list of things from 1962-top 10 songs,cost of bread,eggs,and a car,etc. Zach read these to Rick before he opened his gifts,and Rick commented,"Wow, I now feel old!"

Brother Dale gave Rick a battery charger station,a good sized one. Linda gave Rick a Home Depot gift card,Mom gave Rick money,Zach gave him a Smith and Wesson jackknife,and Brother B and I gave him a bass boat. It was our neighbor Kelly's boat,and it needs some work,but nothing major. We also bought a trolling motor and marine battery to go with it. Poor Brother B,he had planned on working on the boat the whole week that Rick and Zach were gone to Boy Scout Camp,but Rick told him he wanted to get going on the deck. Tearing apart the deck took a few days,then when Rick got back from camp,building it began and no work could be done on the boat,save a few hours here and there.So when Brother B was done sweating in heat and humidity working on the deck,he'd go to Kelly's for a bit to work on the boat in the heat and humidity. It wasn't fully done,but Rick has the registration and is anxious to help Brother B finish it up. The boat is light enough that he will be able to put it in the back of his truck and go. It's a two seater,but that is OK. Now he can troll around the ponds and lakes while he fishes,or take one of us for a nice little ride.

It was nice seeing my sister and Mom,we had a great chat. They were able to see our new sink and countertop,and Rick had started sizing the backsplash,so a few pieces are up in place just for a fitting. At least they were able to visualize what it will look like when it's done. It's taken a back seat to the deck,but that's OK. Our friend,Glen has been helping the boys and he is not getting paid-he only wants a bottle of  Skyy vodka. I feel bad because he has been working in this heat and humidity,but it's really a trade off,because Brother B has helped him numerous times up at his camp,building a dock,helping with the camp,etc,and will be doing more in the future. One hand washes the other :)

All told,it was a very nice day and Rick enjoyed himself immensely.He was quite surprised that he got a boat!

Last night I took a big old digger. I was going to watch a video (The Life of the Man Behind The King's Speech) on my Kindle,and the AC in the bedroom was up too high for me to hear,so I got out of bed to turn it down. I had shut off the TV and there were no lights on in the room. I had forgotten that our big old lug of a dog,Samson,was sleeping on the floor at the foot of the bed. I tripped over him and landed on my knees on the floor( bare floor) and laid there on my right side for a minute saying "OW....OW..." I got a bit of an upset stomach and moved rather slowly to a sitting position,and then went out to the living room to tell Rick what happened. "Why didn't you yell to me?" he asked. " Because I wasn't seriously hurt,it just hurt real bad for about a minute. If I couldn't get up,then I would've yelled,"I assured him. Today my left side is very sore and my knees hurt,my left more so than my right,since most of my weight landed on my left side. So I am popping Ibuprofen today. Sigh. Samson,by the way,is A-OK :)

No deck enjoyment today.It's foggy and (surprise!) humid again. The weatherman did say that drier air is coming in  later today and will be around for a few days,thank God! I can't take the humidity-working outside in it makes it hard for me to breathe-so I have been working outside as little as possible.

How are things in your neck of Planet?


  1. it sounds like an awesome day was had by all! and sounds like a great birthday party! i love that Brother B got Zach to make that list of stuff - really great idea! so sorry to hear that you took a dive - poor gurl. i hope that you are feeling better now!

    your friend,

    1. I do,though my left knee is sore and I can't kneel on it,thanks!