Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deck Photos

Here are some photos on the progression of our deck.As of right now,all that is left is the stairs,the trellis skirting,and the pergola. It's slow progress,but the deck will be solid,probably more solid than the house! LOL!

You remember this sad old deck,don't you? The lattice skirting had already begun to be taken down. Please note the attractive cinder blocks that are working as our bottom step.Sasha doesn't look overly impressed.
Samson decided to take one last stroll on the old deck. Don't you LOVE the green moss/algae  growing on the trellis? Not sure what look we were going for with this.....Lazy Homeowner apparently :)
The deck is pulled away from the house.It wasn't attached,but the front supports were cemented into the ground,so pulling with the truck didn't work so well. Brother B had to take the old chain saw to the legs and then pull it from the house.
The new board  replaced the rotted one,which,we discovered,had been a hang out of some termites.Happily,they either died off or decided to go to some other home.
Dude-where's my deck???
Rick showing Zach where to hammer in the hangers.
Here is what the floor looks like. Each board has been routed smooth. No sharp ends! 
All the ballisters are now up.The tall supports are where the  pergola will be. The stairs are not finished yet,they were  put up temporarily for Rick's  party. Along the edge of the floor that you cannot see all the ends of the floor boards-we ran a long board on each side to hide them.It's a much more pleasing look.

Have a fabulous day on the fabulous planet Earth!


  1. ooooh - i looooove the new deck! awesome Donna - just awesome! you are so going to love it!

    your friend,

  2. It was so nice to sit out on it on Rick's Bday.The weather has not been cooperative lately,so I haven't been able to sit out in the morning with my coffee and enjoy the view and the birds.I am very excited to have it all finished!

  3. Its something looks to be awesome. I love that pics. I think you have used the composite decking material into the floor. Its works better for a long time.