Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beekman Boys Geek

I fully admit it....I am a Beekman Boys Geek. I love them. I adore them. I think they are a hoot.

For those who aren't familiar with who (whom?) I am talking about, I will give you a brief low down.

Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge are a couple from NYC who,on their annual apple picking weekend in upstate NY,found themselves in the tiny town of Sharon Springs ,and fell in love with much,in fact,that they bought an historical home known as The Beekman Mansion. Dr Brent worked for Martha Stewart's show,and Josh worked in advertising.  Their goal was to move to this lovely home and become heirloom farmers,while supporting local businesses and farms.

I was channel surfing one day when I wasn't feeling up to snuff,and let me tell you,Saturday programming is not the best. However, I stumbled across a mini marathon "sneek peek" of this show called "The Fabulous Beekman Boys" and it caught my eye.Normally,I stay away from TLC,because I have never  seen any show that I actually learn from on it. Parading toddlers in pageants dressed up like their 30,or women who have waaay more children than the female form is designed to have is not my forte. ( But I digress....)

I loved the show. It showed them trying to learn about farming,and realizing that they needed to create a business so they could both move up to the farm. Dr Brent had been let go when Martha started downsizing,so he was already at the farm full time. Josh,whose dream it was to be at this farm,had to stay in the city and work during the week to pay for the mortgage,business,etc. They did have help from Farmer John,who reached out to them when he had to find a new home for his 50 + goats.They took in Farmer John and his goats,and then they started a goat milk soap company,Beekman 1802,which eventually expanded to a store space in Sharon Springs,and various other products,including cheese. The show reveals the strain on their relationship that this endeavor caused,as well as Josh's frustration at not being able to live his dream  like all those around him seemed to be doing. "How much money do we have to make for you to be here full time?" Dr Brent asked Josh. "A million dollars," was Josh's reply,his head in his hands.


Not only was the farming,goats,and soap making appealing to me,but,I have to admit..these two crack me up. Their interaction was hilarious. I also liked the fact that they were who they were,good,bad,or indifferent. They were loving.They fought.  It was honest,not like some shows who like to give the impression that "oh I'm just a little old this or that and I do it all myself" even though they have millions of dollars and a team of helpers. These boys were down to earth. 

I almost forgot Polka Spot their llama! She is quite the diva.

I was sad to see that it wasn't a regular show on TLC,but on Planet Green,which at the time,we didn't receive (I also kept calling it Green Planet,it just made more sense to me). We did finally get Planet Green,and I was sad to see that only two seasons had been made. I kept hoping that it would be brought back,but apparently Planet Green did not do so well,because they folded and became Destination America. Happily,I did find their show on my Kindle,so I bought both seasons.

I recently found out that their show has been picked up by The Cooking Channel and is suppose to start in September. In the meantime, I read Josh's memoir about their journey called "The Bucolic Plague" ( it is a great,fun read) and a couple of weeks ago,ordered their cookbook, "The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook." I anxiously awaited delivery,and last Friday,I received it. It was like Christmas!

It was also excellent timing,because last Sunday was my Garden Club's Annual Harvest Luncheon. We make dishes from our gardens and stuff ourselves with the fabulous food. I needed a good recipe...and I found one for my Heirloom Rutgers Tomatoes-"Tomato Bread Salad with Cannellini Beans and Goat Feta Cheese." I did use some substitutions that they suggested,and the salad had rave reviews.

It's a beautiful cookbook,with places for your own recipes and notes.It's all based on seasonal cooking and veggies,designed to be handed down through the generations. I would post the recipe,but it's not out on the internet,just in their book,and I am not sure what the laws are regarding that. Suffice it to say,the book is marvelous.

You can check out the the self proclaimed "Beekman Boys" on their Here they have blogs,their goods for sale, gardening,and updates.

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet (no  pun intended)!!


  1. I'm so glad to see this post! I think I remember this show now that you posted it. I only saw one episode where I believe they were having Thanksgiving dinner in the new house...I think that is the same show. I really really liked it. I think they were eating a Turkey they had raised and were having a hard time with that. I will look up the series and see if I can watch more. You are right they were down to earth and honest about how hard it was to start up a business and do things. My kind of show. :)

  2. Yes,their turkey was a bit on the small side- I think only about 6 lbs or so for a big crowd. If memory serves,The Cooking Channel is going to air Season 2,then will start airing new episodes. Glad to find another fan! :)