Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

230 years ago, a group of men who were considered traitors began what became the United States of America.
I wonder what they would think if they saw how far this country has come since then? I think they would be completely flabbergasted at what their little 13 colonies became.
Sometimes I wonder what their lives were like. I'd love to hop into a time machine and check it out.It would be nice if I could go to see a relative, but none of my ancestors arrived in America until the 1870's. I do have some Abenaki heritage,but I have yet to figure out if it stems from Canada or the US.My Dad's side (Lessard,Magnan) and my Mom's side,(Charrette, Thompson)come from Canada,though I do have some Irish and Scottish thrown in there.
Rick,on the other hand,has a long family history in America. His family has been in the US since the 1620's. A member of his family has fought in every war since the French and Indian Wars. On his Dad's side ( Shaw,Batchelder) of the family,great x 10 grandfather Steven Batchelder was a founder of Hampton,NH. He was a persecuted Reverend in England. Daniel Webster,Ben Franklin,Gerald Ford,and Richard Nixon are distant cousins,but still in the tree. On his Mother's side ( McQuilkin,Pratt),the McQuilkins arrived in Maine in the early 1800's from Ireland,and the Pratts arrived in the third ship after the Mayflower,on the Anne.
However,even though Rick's heritage in this country is far more lengthy and interesting,my ancestors fought and struggled in this country as well. Fought not just in wars,but in daily life trying to achieve their American dream. They appreciated and respected the rights that the founding fathers put forth.
" We hold these truths to be self evident,that all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their Creator,with certain,unalienable Rights. That among these are Life,Liberty,and the Pursuit of Happiness."
Happy Birthday,America!!!!!

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