Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Turkey Lurkeys

We have a few animals here in our little cottage. We have a Bull Mastiff Black Lab cross named Samson, a Chocolate Lab named Sasha,a calico cat named Omar,an outdoor gray cat named Molly Bruce ( when the cat was little Zach named him Molly,before it was apparent he was indeed a he. After we realized it was a boy,Zach didn't drop the Molly,he just added the Bruce. Hence,Molly Bruce),and a parakeet named Benjamin that Zach inherited from my mother in law when she passed away last year.My calico cat,Noel (mother to Omar) seems to have disappeared-she has been gone now for two weeks. I assume that some animal in the woods across the street got to her.
We also have some chickens,which we keep up at my neighbors house with their chickens. We had chickens here before,a few years ago. Next year we will have chickens down here again,I think it was just that we didn't' have the time to rearrange the area where we wanted to put the chickens last year.
Well, now we have two more members of the family - please meet Thanksgiving and Christmas!

This picture is rather Andy Warhol-ish,isn't it? Quite psychedelic,man! It's due to the heat lamp over the bin.

Poor Zach, the turkeys kept wriggling and he tried so hard to keep them still!!! Thanksgiving and Christmas have now moved from small bin to a larger cage in our garage,and soon they will be out in the turkey pen in our backyard. It has been a couple of years since we had a turkey,so the old pen will need some sprucing up. I must admit,once you have had fresh turkey,the frozen store bought ones pale by comparison.

We wanted the bronze turkeys,and we did have them at first,but out of the four we had,two died (which is normal),and the others didn't make it because the heat lamp got disconnected. We got four more,but those where regular white turkeys. Again, we lost two,and so far so good with the remaining two. We feed them medicated mash and green leafy foods.

I didn't realize that it has been almost a week since I blogged! Things have been quite busy around here lately!

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