Monday, July 6, 2009

Puddles in the Garden

Those of us in the eastern part of the US can finally breath a sigh of relief-the sun has been out the last couple of days! Now,those of us in New England are used to rolling with the punches when it comes to weather-if it's 50 degrees outside, we think it's warm. However,this last 2-3 weeks of rainy weather has even the most die hard New Englanders shaking their heads ( mine included).
During a break in the rain,I took some photos of the my garden,such as it is.

Here is a shot of my rain soaked garden. The puddles are where my cukes where planted. Now there is just weeds. The cucumbers never took,neither the plants or the seeds. We planted to both to see what would happen. Nothing.At least,nothing this year.

Here is a photo of what I believe is my squash,either the zucchini or summer. I don't believe it's my peppers.
Here are my carrots. I have a big clump where I dropped seeds. I left them to see if they would take. I only got a few carrots that took in each row (not counting my seed clump). Remember I said it was my garden,such as it is. Now you can see what I mean. It's not a very big yield,that's for sure. Then again, it's not a very big garden.

I do have some nice sweet corn rows coming up, however. We had to straighten them up after all the heavy downpours we have had, but out of all the seeds that took,I have only lost one.

I also have three tomato plants, thanks to another neighbor. We tried seed and it didn't take. We only had to stake one so far.

Next year both Rick and I agree that we will have a bigger garden and we will do more research so we will get a better yield.(I have weeded since these pictures were taken !)

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