Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Month In the Life

Some people don't understand why I don't work,and some people certainly feel like I am doing something wrong by not contributing to the welfare of my family ( at least, monetarily). I challenge them,however. I DO contribute to the welfare of my family,everyday. I help run the house,remind Rick of various things,and bring him to his various appointments. I offer him physical and mental support daily. Our bills and mortgage are paid,we have food and clothing. Rick gets incapacitation pay from the National Guard until he gets released from the military,and then we will have income from either the military or the VA ( or both) and Social Security for his disability. We are not on welfare. For what my husband has given for this country,he deserves all that he is entitled to.

Now, some months are more busy than others, but we generally average at least four appointments a month. And for those of you who go to the VA,you know how it is. If you aren't flexible in when you can have your appointments,then you have to wait months. Most employers will not take it too kindly if you need to take 3-6 days off a month. Your time at that job will be abbreviated,that is for sure.
For example, this our doctor schedule for this month:
July 8-monthly appt with social worker for PTSD
July 10-three month follow up with VA psychologist
July 13-Eye appt
July 14-orthopedist appt.( Rick can barely walk due to his knees. He had the meniscus removed from both knees from his Airborne days and now has arthritis. He has to walk with Canadian crutches,or,as we call them, "Jimmy Sticks,"based on the character from South Park.)
July 21-Blood work
July 23- Neuro TBI eval ( he is finally having a more complete battery of tests now that he could complete the first Neuro TBI testing. He couldn't before when his PTSD was bad)
July 24-Neuro eye eval
July 28-3 month follow up with primary care physician
Each Thursday, PTSD support group through the Disabled American Veterans.

I have a job! Taking care of my hubby and household.
One of our objectives is being a bit more self sufficient,to help cut some costs.We won't go without,but we will weigh what is necessary and what is not. That doesn't mean we won't splurge on something ( like we bought a few fireworks for the fourth),but we won't go nuts,either.

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