Friday, July 24, 2009

TBI Update

We went to the VA yesterday for an appointment with a Neuro TBI doctor. He was assessing what physical ailments that Rick has that might have been caused by his brain injury. He did feel that his "blackout"or momentary lapses of time were not from brain seizures,but from micro sleep. Rick only gets about three hours of good sleep a night because of the PTSD and the pain in his knees. These "blackouts" are not really blackouts-Rick will be doing something when all of a sudden he will not know where he is. Fortunately,it has only happened a handful of times in the last four years.
He is going to have a sleep study done to determine if he has sleep apnea,because he snores like crazy,and that only started after he got back.
He was tested for loss of smell, because he commented that he has lost some sense of taste. He got 32 out of 40 smells correct,so he has only minor sense of smell loss.
The doctor said that he has a complex case,because he has both TBI and PTSD,and certainly the medications that he takes does not help the situation. He has been referred for cognitive therapy,so that should help. We go back to see this doctor in August,on Rick's 47th birthday.
We were suppose to go to the Boston VA today for a Neuro Eye appt,but Rick woke up with a bad headache and not feeling so well,so we have rescheduled. We have certainly had a busy month as far as appointments go,and had two more added since I posted our July schedule. Today I am actually going to be able to get caught up around the house! Rick's brother Dale and their good friend Scott will be coming over tomorrow to get the woodpile all cut and split,so that will be a huge help as far as that is concerned,because Rick can only work on it 10-15 minutes at a time before the pain in his knees becomes too much.

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