Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heaven on Earth Part II

I'm back and feeling much better. I am going to see if lavender can help these migraines that I get. I would love to use something more natural as opposed to popping Excedrin Migraine. I will certainly let you all know how it works out.

Let's see....back to our camping trip. I know I said this already,but it was wonderful.We saw rabbits,baby foxes,adult foxes,and three moose! Of course, by the time we grabbed our camera,the moose had disappeared into the woods. We saw a moose cow on our second night,then on our last night we came across a moose cow and baby crossing Route 3. It's amazing how big and gangly there are.

Setting up camp went smoothly.Normally,Rick would whip through getting things set up,but due to his PTSD/TBI his self confidence level is not what it used to be,and he defers to me for almost every decision. Should we put the tent here? What about the picnic table? What about the canopy? Sometimes I get quite frustrated at having to make all the decisions,though not as much as I used to. He also sometimes forgets how to put up the tent,which doesn't jar me as much as when it first happened. The first time we set up a tent after he came home,he had no clue how to do it. He had set it up many times with no help,so I never really paid attention. Let me tell you, I learned fast! I lead the way with tent set up,and Rick only forgot how to put on the rain fly. I know it bothered Rick greatly that he couldn't remember,as he used to be able to do it with his eyes closed ( so to speak).Thursday,our last full day,we rented a motor boat and went out on First Connecticut Lake for a few hours. The boys fished and I ( yet again) continued rereading my Outlander book. Though they didn't have much luck catching anything,they did manage to nab this Chub. Rick's lip looks swollen,but it's only a big old snuff dip. It's a horrible habit that he has been trying to break.

The day was beautiful,but hot. We were threatened with thunderstorms.

At first,the clouds weren't bad,nice and white,but you could tell they were thunderheads. After a while, they started getting darker,and I got nervous. The lake was a good size,and we had a 5 horse boat. All I could envision was having a great day then being stuck in the middle of the lake during a thunderstorm. Not a good thing. So even though we had a couple more hours left in our rental time,we headed back to shore.

We didn't get any rain until almost bedtime,and I felt bad that I insisted we head to shore,but Rick agreed with me. We didn't want to take any chances. After spying the moose cow and calf on Rt 3 (they tend to come out at dusk) we trucked back to the camp site and hit some rain. It stopped not long after we got back to camp. I was in the tent,getting ready for bed,when Zach called for me come out and "see this rain cloud!!"

As you can see from the photo,there was quite the downpour happening over First Connecticut Lake.That night after we went to bed,we got our thunderstorms. The sound of the thunder rolling down in between the mountains was amazing.

Breaking up camp on Friday went smoothly. We were sorry to leave, but I was glad that I was going to sleep in my bed again. It was so beautiful and peaceful up there,we didn't even run the radio during the day while we were there. It seemed sacreligious.

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