Monday, April 19, 2010

Achy Achy Body

Zach ( in the green jacket) getting ready to hike

Saturday was our Boy Scout Troop's Hikeathon. We were going to do our own,instead of doing the District's. We were going to in May around the Duncan Lake area in Ossipee. Well,there is logging going on in that area now,so we had to cancel those plans and went with the District.
The trails were on the Branch Hill Farm property in Milton Mills. As you can see,we received a bit of snow,and it was snowing as we started our trek. Before too long,it was a slight mix,then a bit of drizzle took over,but it started and stopped. The weather really wasn't bad at all.
One did have to keep an eye on the trail,since a lot of roots or rocks were covered up by the snow. Some areas had slippery leaves,some had mud holes we went around. The boys had 6 (I believe) stations to stop at along the 12 mile trek .Here they had different activities to complete-how to tell the height of a tree using a stick,making specific knots,and how to use a cross saw.
Our loop was 6 miles,which we had to complete twice. After the first loop,we stopped and had snacks and something to eat. Now....6 miles for me is ALOT. I am no longer used to walking long distance,let alone walking at the pace we were going,and the trail conditions. I didn't think I could do another 6 miles. Happily,for me, the 6 mile trail was getting a bit muddy and slippery,so we opted for the 3 mile loop.
I was sore by the time we reached the car,and by that night my whole body hurt.My neck and shoulders ached from looking down most of the time to watch my footing.My hips,legs,and feet hurt from the walking. In fact,as I write this,I am still a bit sore.
However, it was worth it. The boys get 50% of what they earn,with the other 50% going to district. I did something with my son,and I got 9 miles worth of exercise! Rick says he is going to join us next year.

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