Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girls Day Out

Yesterday we awoke to a light dusting of snow on the roof,deck,and stone wall.We were lucky. Up north they received over a foot in some areas. That makes me think twice about moving up north!

I was up and at em once Zach got on the bus,because I was going to accompany My Dear Friend Michelle on her errands to Concord. She had asked me if I would like to tag along,and even though I wanted to go,I felt guilty about doing so. We have lots to do here. However,Rick told me I should go and enjoy the time with my friend. We couldn't do much outside,since it was cold and rainy,but we had planned to clear out the garage so we could have a space for our chicks. Rick insisted on doing it himself. He does have this thing about the garage. Whenever we clean it out and organize it,he likes to do it without help. It's his thing,I guess. So with that,I agreed to go .

I went to her house for a muffin and a cup of tea first. After that went to Tractor Supply Company,so she could return a post digger that was not made correctly. I looked at the poultry supplies,and bought a feeder and waterer for the baby chicks,a waterer for the turkeys and one for the chickens,and a feeder for the chickens. Rick mentioned he wanted to build a trough for the turkeys,so I didn't bother picking them up a feeder. Michelle made some purchases as well (such as food for her goats) and then we were off to Sam's Club. We had a slice of pizza and some soda,then picked up what she had on her list. When she put a mondo sized bag of chocolate chips in the cart,I laughed,because it was BIG. However, it makes sense because she bakes for the family,and it's more cost efficient than buying the small regular sized bags that I buy. Very smart indeed.

After that,we headed over to Jenness Farm so she could buy immunizations for her goats.( I don't know what kind,since I know nothing about goats. Rick would like to get a couple in the future,though,so I might have to learn!) I have heard of Jenness Farm,because they are not only a goat farm ,make and sell goat milk soap. When I was trying to learn about soapmaking,I kept coming across their website. So I was intrigued.

We pulled up and the first thing we see is (what else) goats. Then we saw some guinea hens come running out,and we heard turkeys.Pretty cool. When we went inside,the first thing that struck me was the smell. It wasn't bad,but for a gal with allergies,it was overwhelming. They had soaps,bug spray,lip balms,cuticle creams, name,they make it. The set up was quite quaint. Michelle wasn't able to get her immunizations,because the co owner who takes care of that was off on a trip. The visit wasn't wasted,however,because Michelle purchased a few things,including gifts for her mom for Mother's Day.

Once I got home,Rick was finishing up in the garage and he was pleased with what I had bought. The day was so raw that he started up the wood stove for the second day in a row.

It was a nice day visiting with my Dear Friend.

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  1. "Girl time" it is so nice getting away from the normal day to day stuff.Glad you had a bit of fun.