Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Night of Sore Muscles

Yesterday was another gorgeous day,which Rick and I took full advantage of. We worked more on the turkey cage. We dug holes,set the posts with quick crete,and made sure they were as level as they could be. One side of the cage is more straight than the other,because we have had to deal with some roots from the trees. It's OK,though,it still works. After the posts we put up the horizontal post supports,that will also serve as places to attach the chicken fencing. In between this, I did three loads of laundry,and raked by the tree line near the turkey cage. The people who lived in this house a long time ago apparently used the tree line to chuck broken pieces of concrete blocks in,because I picked up about 6 of them,which I put in one pile. Here and there are pieces of concrete. What to do with them? We may just dig a hole and bury them. They can't be used for anything.

We didn't even realize that we had worked through lunch until I asked Rick what time it was and he replied that it was 2:35. Jeez! Almost time to get Zach off the bus! Poor Rick was quite the hurting unit,his poor knees were in agony. He is stubborn,however,and will what he can for as long as he can. Most of the time he can't do much for long,maybe an hour or two.

After the laundry was done, I ironed the clothes,including our scout uniforms,because we had Boy Scouts last night .I think by the time I actually sat down it was after 5:00 PM,and let me tell you, I didn't want to get back up. I hurt,especially my back and hips. I have bouts sometimes with my sciatic nerve. I wrenched it a long time ago lifting a TV from the floor to the top of a table by myself ( I should've used my legs!). So sometimes when I move a certain way it bothers me. Last night I was standing during our Troop Committee meeting and OW! It was quite uncomfortable. When I went to bed last night my back and hips hurt so bad I could barely walk. I can only imagine how much Rick hurt. He could hardly walk as it was.

Today is a gray day,warm,but with passing showers. I went grocery shopping this morning,and after a quick lunch of chicken strips and coleslaw,I made oatmeal-walnut-butterscotch cookies. I don't buy store bought cookies anymore. Soon I must go pick up Zach for his dentist appointment. Tonight we are having broiled haddock,baked potatoes and peas. We try to have fish at least once a week,but it doesn't always work out that way. We let Zach pick either haddock or salmon.He likes both. Thankfully,Zach is not a fussy child. There are very few things he does not like.Then again,we all have things we don't care for!

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