Friday, April 16, 2010

Shooting Bin Laden in the Head and Heart

My Dear Friend Michelle mentioned to me that she was interested in taking shooting lessons one day.She was considering going to a range in our area. There have been some home invasions in our state over the last year. The worst involved a mother and her daughter in Mont Vernon,who were asleep in their beds when a group of morons(,who picked the house because it was alone on the road,)broke into home,killed the mother,and left the daughter for dead. The daughter was 11 and she survived. Then more recently,there was a home invasion in Somersworth,about 35 minutes from our neck of the woods. Living in the country,Michelle wanted to at least be able to protect her family should the need arise. I mentioned that Rick was a weapons instructor and an armourer back when he was on Homeland Security. If anyone know anything about weapon safety,and using weapons, it is my hubby. While it takes him a bit more to sight in because of his blind spots,once he is sighted,he is very very accurate. I thought it might be more relaxing for Michelle to do this with someone she knows. Rick was more than happy to teach and Michelle was equally happy to learn from him.

Then she asked if I would join her.

Rick has been after me to learn how to shoot since I have been with him. Being up here,it's not just about burglar defense,but bears,etc who wander into the yard who go after the livestock. I have always said sometime,with not much enthusiasm.

I have nothing against guns,though the thought of what someone can do with them makes me nervous.I do think there are alot of idiots out there who shouldn't have them. There are also alot of intelligent,reasonable people who I have no problem with. The power one holds in their hands when they are holding loaded weapon is not something anyone should take in stride. Accidents happen as well.

However, in light of recent events,and since my Dear Friend was doing it,I figured I might as well.

Rick has permission to use someones pit on their private property,so that is where we went. He made a wooden stand for his Osama Bin Laden targets,packed up the pistol and the semi automatic,the rounds and some spray paint,and we were off.

There was an old door already out there that we stapled the target to,so we didn't need his wooden stand. He used spray paint to show the area that we wanted to concentrate on:center mass. He first went through the pros and cons of each weapon. His personal opinion was the revolver would be best,and after loading and shooting both,Michelle and I agreed with him. He then said we don't shoot to kill,or to maim,but we shoot to "stop the immediate threat." He went over all the safety measures. He then showed us how to shoot. We each took a turn,and Michelle did great. She has some really nice groupings ( or as Rick calls them,"groupage") at heart level.She took her target home to show her hubby. I wouldn't want to break into her house! I had some good shots at heart level and one right in the chin! I was still nervous,but I would've stopped a threat. I wouldn't want to have to do it,but I would do what I had to do to protect my family.

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