Thursday, April 1, 2010

After the Storm

What is that golden orb shining in the sky? Where is all that water coming out of the sky?'s sunshine and NO RAIN!!!

We live in an area with a high water table,so every spring when the snow melts,or when there is alot of rain we get water in the basement. Our sub pump has been running since Monday. Our basement has puddles here and there and a good portion of the floor is wet. We are very lucky,however. Some people have had their homes flooded. Rhode Island has borne the brunt of this last system. I feel bad for everyone who had major damage. It seems like the Springs are getting wetter and wetter,global warming or not.( My personal belief is that the pollution in the air is making the natural cycle of the planet's temperature move along faster. If we were more careful,we could at least slow it down a tad).

Yesterday we went to Concord,the state capital,and the home to the NH National Guard Headquarters. Rick was finally retired yesterday (or, should I say,he signed his's all official on the 23rd) We all had our retirement ID's taken. Zach was excited because this was his first official ID,since he is now 12.He was funny. He was sitting there with his "Sniper-Don't run,you'll only die tired" Tshirt on,and was worried about if he should smile or not for his ID. I told him to do whatever he felt like. He wound up giving a big grin,no teeth showing. We went to Ruby Tuesday's after for a celebratory lunch. It still has not sunk in that he will be retired. I suppose that will take a while,like anything else one waits for that takes a long time. Once it happens,it doesn't sink in for a bit.

We had a couple of appointments in Manchester today. We saw Rick's TBI Dr,and the sleep clinic read his chip in his sleep apnea machine. We mentioned that we have not heard anything about Rick's knees yet,and the TBI Dr had us go talk to Rick's TBI case worker,Lisa. Lisa was Rick's PTSD social worker for a year until she got promoted and moved into the TBI unit. Lisa was in a meeting,so we chatted with Gordon,an intern. We told him that we really needed to get Rick's knees fixed,because they have gotten worse since our appt to Dartmouth in Feb. He said he would relay the info to Lisa,and she would get in touch with whoever she needed to talk to. On the way home,Gordon called Rick's cell and told him that he had spoken to Lisa,and that it looked like all his paperwork was in order,it just needed to be sent to the right place,and she would make sure that it was. So things are starting to roll right along again.

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