Friday, April 30, 2010

A Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful day in the beautiful state of NH. The temps should be in low 70's in our neck of the woods. We had quite the wind yesterday,with gusts upward of 50 miles an hour,so the day was chilly. However,we made the small cage for the chicks and I rototilled last year's garden area,then smoothed it out. We will be putting our boxes there,and a couple will go in the area between the garage and the house. Those boxes will be my kitchen garden and my strawberry plants. I will probably put my melons there as well.

Today will be a busy one. Rick has an appt at the VA Outpatient Center in Somersworth with Ken,his PTSD counselor. Then it's off to buy vermiculite,peat moss,and some dried cow poo. Hopefully we have enough compost here to mix and fill the boxes with what we buy.We are also going to pick up our chicks. This year we will have Buff Orphingtons,Rhode Island Reds,Silver Lace Wynadottes,and Cornish Game Hens.This will be our first time having Game Hens,so I'm curious to see how they do. Those will be for eating. We have had the others in the past,and were pleased with their egg production. We went with the Rhode Island instead of the NH Reds this year because they do lay more eggs. It's always a fun day when they chicks arrive.

We also need to build our garden boxes,plant our blueberry bushes,strawberry plants,onion sets,and I need to start my Straight Eight and pickling cucumbers.The Paradiso Mix coneflowers arrived,so those need to go in the ground very soon as well.

This should keep us pretty busy over the weekend. Zach will be camping our with his Boy Scout Troop. They help out each year with Fish and Run,which is a Cub Scout event. The cubbies fish in the morning and prizes are given out for the biggest and the smallest. Then there are stations that they can do throughout the day. Some are geared for the younger scouts and some for the older,Webleo scouts. The Webelos are graded and awards are given out on Sunday morning. The Boy Scouts help run the stations,measure the fish,etc. They also run the campfire on Saturday night,where all the units can do skits and songs. It's a good time. We drop Zach off this evening,and the event is only about 15 minutes from our house,so it works out well. He will be pooped out on Sunday,that I am sure of.

We have not started on our chicken coop yet,but the plans have been drawn up. We have some time before the chicks are big enough,anyway.

I must go and start my day.......and what a beautiful day it is!

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