Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Little Yellow Farm

Rick and I were trying to come up with a name for our home. Though small, we figured that with a garden,turkeys,and chickens,we could call our place a farm. We sat down and listed the physical attributes of our property.
1) A stone wall
2) An oak tree in the front that drops TONS of acorns
3) Seasonal view of the Moose Mtns
4) Many birch trees in the back
5)Many maples

So we tried various names based on these factors: Stonewall Farm,Acorn Hill Farm,White Birch Farm,Oak and Maple Farm,and Mountain View Farm. None of them hit their mark. Then I thought of it: The Little Yellow Farm. It' s obvious! " Where do we get the eggs?" " Down the road at the Little Yellow Farm on the left." The house is little,and yellow. No missing it. I like the vibe the name gives off, a nice,small,quaint.cozy place.

Rick is going to make a sign to hang off our tree. We hope to sell some eggs,and some extra produce ( if we have lots of luck with our garden this year!)Extra pocket money never hurt! Our neighbor has already told us she wants to buy eggs from us. Kind to oblige!

Still working on the turkey cage....with Rick's limitations,it takes awhile,and Brother B is now working,so we only have him on the weekends. No problem. Slow and steady wins the race!

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  1. I like the name too ... rolls of easy. Good luck with the eggs.