Thursday, September 27, 2012

15 Years Ago Today

Yesterday Rick and I went to Norwood,MA for his follow up physical for the TDRL. Thankfully,the drive down Interstate 95 was uneventful,except for the traffic back up after the merge of Rt 128 and I-95. We left plenty early because we never know what the traffic will be like in MA. However,we arrived just a bit over an hour early,filled out just a few questions on paperwork,and the Dr actually took us in 20 minutes early.The military was interested in three things-his vision,his knees,and his back.We were done in about an hour. We asked if there were any restaurants in the area,and there was actually one just down the street,which we could walk to easily. So we had lunch,then headed back home. Our appointment was for 11:00. He took us at 10:40. We were home by 3:10.

Now,I don't normally drive on a busy four lane interstate. Also,if you are not familiar with MA drivers,they are...well,...let's just say a tad aggressive,so you have to really pay attention all around you.You never know when one will cut right in front of you to change lanes with no signal.This was a good test for me. While I was nervous,and could feel it in my stomach,I didn't act nervous like I normally would. I did clutch the steering wheel tight and clench my teeth ( which I do when I am nervous and driving).However,I didn't talk impatiently to Rick,or snap at him because I was so busy trying concentrate. I spoke normally. Rick even commented that I wasn't acting like I usually would,and I said,"You mean I am not snapping at you," and he said,"Yeah,you normally have no patience." So things are looking better in that regard.While I felt nervous in my stomach,I felt calm in my head-meaning, I could control my reaction to what I was feeling. My stomach was in knots,but my demeanor didn't show it. It was fabulous.,and it felt great. I wasn't a wreck. I wasn't wearing my anxiety on my sleeve and letting it take over every aspect of my being. I liken it to being in a storm,tossed about and not having any control over the elements,when suddenly the storm subsides,and though there may be some big waves,you can ride them easily.

Today is a very good day. 15 years ago,Rick and I were married.He was 35 and I was not quite 30. We decided to keep things small,since 1)we had both been married before in big old weddings and 2)we didn't have the money for a big wedding. My Mom's next door neighbor had a lovey birch tree that she said we could get married under,and her daughter was a Justice of The Peace. My stepsister's daughter was in culinary arts at the high school at the time,and the class  made the food.She made the wedding cake as a gift to Rick and I-it was very pretty,a small three tier with pink flowers. We had 10 friends and family members.The sun was shining,and it was gorgeous. We were young,very much in love,and-surprise!-I was 18 weeks pregnant. No,it wasn't a shot gun wedding! We were engaged when I got pregnant :)  It was probably the happiest time of my life-I had a gorgeous,wonderful man who loved me madly,and we had a little one on the way. Life was perfect.

Today,Rick and I are going to go down to Portsmouth to Strawberry Banke and do the self guided tour. ( It will also be good walking exercise) Then we are going somewhere for a nice lunch. It's our day!

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a cute couple you were and are!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both ♥ We hit 22 yrs end of next month! Well done on the driving thing, see meds are good! I'm sure my partner in crime Sue would't mind me sharing with you that she too used to have really bad anxiety attacks, so much so that she often couldn't leave the house, simple tasks became a real issue, she takes medications to help control that and she said they gave her her life back and wouldn't be without them now :D

  3. Good for Sue! It's amazing how anxiety can be so debilitating,and it's hard for some folks to understand that. They think you should just "get over it."
    Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

  4. I hear you about driving south of the border! I hate it too. Congrats on your anniv. have fun at the banke one of my favorite places.

  5. You did amazing on your visit to the Dr.!!! Great job. Driving with crazy people always makes me nervous too. Belated congratulations on your 15th Anniversary!!! Your wedding sounds very nice and peaceful. I'm so glad you shared about your special day. Hugs :)