Monday, September 24, 2012

My Path May Not Be Yours...And That's Fine!!!

Now that my mind is clearer,I am back on my path to decluttering-body,mind,and home. I have been reading various blogs and books about topics that I deem part of my process-zen, minimalism,happiness,etc. 

One thing that I have learned through the various journeys in my life is that what one person deems the perfect solution to what they are looking for in life,it may not apply to me. For instance,I will never be minimalist. It's not me,but I can certainly glean some fabulous insight from reading about folks who are,and apply them to my life in my own way to help create what I want. When Rick and I began trying to do more for ourselves,I felt that I was "less than" if we didn't do things the way others do. I quickly realized that everyone's journey is their own,and if someone thinks what I am doing is not the right thing to do,well,that's their problem,not mine.

My Dear Friend Michelle and I discuss these type of topics when ever we get together. While we are both working toward the life we want,neither one of us really fit into either end of the spectrum. We are not mindless consumers,buying everything new in sight,nor are we ones who espouse living with as little as possible. We are somewhere in the middle. I like creature comforts. I like having a TV in my bedroom,though many folks will say not to have the TV in your bedroom. When I have a hard time sleeping because my mind is racing about things that I have no control over,I turn the TV on (or my Kindle)and watch something to distract my thoughts,or I just close my eyes and listen. I am no longer worrying about something small,I wind up being relaxed,and fall asleep easier. Of course,this is not for everybody,but it certainly works for me.

I was very pleased to see that some of what I have been thinking of has been espoused in the various sources that I have been reading! Who knew? There are more people out there that think like me than I realized.

One thing I did decide to do after much contemplation is to up my meds. I claimed I was not going to do so,that I wanted to try and work on my issues through this decluttering process,but I had a reality check. If I really wanted to help myself,I needed to be honest. My symptoms,as I mentioned before,keep getting worse. When my depression hits,it takes away my motivation and happiness. When I went to the Drs for my sinus infection,I asked her about upping my meds and explained what was going on. She increased it by 37.5 mgs.I did not want to stop this process before it really gets started,which is what would've happened when I hit a valley,because it always happens. So I did what was right for me. Believe me, I know that there will be stress, good days and bad,and that it's not a magic solution. However,when my husband comments that he's noticed a change in me (and  NOT for the better)I knew it was time to bite the bullet and do what I had to do-not just for myself,but for my family. I grew up with a depressed mother,who suffers from the same issues I do,and she never got help of any kind until 15 years ago.It was not a fun existence,and I swore I would never put my family through that,which is why when I started sounding like her and acting like her,I went on an anti depressant 9 years ago.

My plan is to take things slowly,a bit at a time.When I go whole hog,full on,it doesn't last. I revert back to old ways. This is not a race for me. I am not in a hurry. There is no finish line that I can cross and say,"There! I'm done,and in record time!" I want to enjoy each day,each learning experience,in my own way. In the end,isn't that what it's all about?

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!


  1. Whatever path we choose in life should be one that makes us happy. We take pills to cure headaches and other aches and pains, everyday conditions we can easily remedy, so when it comes to depression or any other serious mental health issues why is that people think they have failed or should be fighting it and choose to try and go without medications? If things make you happy then have things, if meds make you better then take meds. It's a no brainer petal :D ♥

  2. I can't tell you how many years I have struggled with trying to fit into a "mold"... Ha! I am my own mold! lol It took this long to figure that out and finally be my own person. I do care about others and the "norms" of society but I am no longer worried about fitting into this lifestyle or that either. I decorate eclectic and realized I have an eclectic lifestyle to match :) I take a little from here and from there and mix it all together with love and kindness and compassion for my fellow man and walla! It is so important above all else to do what is right and works best for our family and home. Our shoes are ours alone. Nobody else has the same footprint as we do and nobody else should tell us how to walk in this journey of life as long as we are caring responsible people. I commend you on doing what you feel is right for you on your health. It is very simply yours. You are inspiring and courageous by your openness and I admire you for doing so. You have an amazing strength and if you find a resource that helps improve the quality of your life by all means use it! Our jobs are hard enough as a wife, mother, friend, and all the other hats we wear to not feel your best either physically or mentally. That is the same reason I have taken a different approach of doing what is best for our family and being my eclectic self :) Hugs

    1. You are so kind. I get inspiration from you,as well :) Hugs back!