Thursday, September 20, 2012

Being Mindful And In The Moment-Outdoor Comfort

I am starting to feel better,finally,but mornings are still pretty rough for me.I still feel  like my head is stuffed with cotton and it doesn't completely go away. Yesterday I did not lay down until around 4:00 and I didn't nap,I just took it easy.

One of things that has given me great comfort is sitting outside. I pulled some of my "Little House" books off the shelf and went outside get some fresh air and get some sunshine soaked into my bones on the days that weather permitted and I was up for it.I couldn't help but look up from my book every now and then and just take in the beauty of the sights and sounds around me.

This is my view from my little corner where I like to read. I have such a pretty vantage point of the trees in our yard!

The sun shining through the trees was lovely. You can't really see it in the above photo,but our leaves have started to turn...when I took these photos last week,the tops had just started to change. Last night we had a light frost,so now the colors are starting to be more pronounced. The sunshine was warm and I closed my eyes and just enjoyed it.

Our tree line on the side of the house is such that no one can really see us on the deck until they are just about past us. It makes for lovely shade in the morning and privacy-at least,until the leaves fall.

I put my self in the moment-I saw the leaves on my neighbor's trees begin to move as a light breeze kicked up,then watched as the breeze made its way into our yard,and our leaves began to whisper to each other. The breeze felt nice and light on my skin. I heard the squirrels chatter with each other,and further down the road at the Alpaca farm,I heard chickens squawking back and forth. I could hear cracking in the woods across the street,and I wondered if there was something out there that was causing the chickens to be worried.  I then heard a scratching noise,and I looked to my right. There was a White Breasted Nuthatch making it's way down a pine tree. I watched him for a while. It's amazing how they can cling to the bark facing downward and just hop their way around. He would go to our feeders ( you can barely make them out on the lower right of the above photo-you can just make out their blue and red tops) take a bite of seed,then fly back over to the tree and hop around it some more. I thought of how fortunate I am to live in such a lovely little corner of the world. Anytime I am not feeling that great,or need comfort,just sitting outside seems to bring me inner peace. It might not help a physical ailment,but it does wonders for my soul. I have always felt a connection to nature. I would lay outside in my yard as a girl and watch the tops of the tall pine trees sway in the breeze, the white clouds against the bright blue sky,or watch the Martin birds go in and out of the birdhouse in my neighbors yard. Where this connection comes from,I don't know,but I am grateful I have it.

It was marvelous to be outside.To be inhaling the sweet,fresh air into my lungs. To be able to see the the beauty. To just...BE.

Have a fabulous day on this this Fabulous Planet!

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  1. Your post sounds so calm and peaceful. I'm so glad you have this restful place to read and relax. So important in this busy world. :)