Sunday, September 9, 2012

How I Began Eliminating Mental Clutter

We all have mental clutter,don't we? Whether it's what we read,see,hear,or think,our brain is constantly going. What it tells us can affect our bodies. At least,it does with mine.

I have been very open about my depression and anxiety issues. I usually wake up with a knot of dread in my stomach.Sometimes it's hard to enjoy things,because what's going on in my brain keeps that knot going. It gets to the point where even if there are no negative thoughts careening around in my gray matter,the knot is still there,because it's used to being there. Part of my decluttering goal is to rid that knot without having to up my medication ( Effexor) or go see someone one on one. 

My first step was trying to eliminate the things that cause my anxiety.Granted,I cannot get rid of everything in life that causes me anxiety.I would have to live by myself in a plastic bubble with no contact with anyone or anything for the rest of my life. It would work,but it isn't feasible,and it isn't what I want.However, I did make some simple steps,and to be honest,they have already helped.

1) I Eliminated Facebook. When I first joined FB,it was fun. I enjoyed contacting old friends I had not seen or spoken to in years. Lately,however,it has turned into a bully fest. People post horrid things on other's pages if they don't agree with them,especially on political and social issues (my blogging friend and fellow Bonnethead Laura from My Simple Happy Life had a good post about this very thing).I've had to block people from my page because they were just so rude and nasty. Why would someone who claims to be my "friend"say such horrid things to me or to other "friends"? I don't get it. When I started to dread going on FB,I know it was enough. When I would  get angry at some of the ridiculous assertions and bold faced lies that they would use as facts  it would get gnaw at me for the whole day- and,well,I knew I couldn't do that anymore. So I bowed out. I don't miss it one bit and now I find more focus on this here little blog and reading the blogs I enjoy.FB tends to suck up time that I could spend doing things that are actually beneficial.

2) I Got Rid of Unwanted Emails. I eliminated mass emails from organizations. I don't mind a few,but when I started getting 20 a day,which I never read anyway,it was enough. I also had to ask folks to stop sending me emails belittling my views. I respect theirs,even if I don't agree,but I don't send them emails against what they believe. I expect the same courtesy from them. Again,it was to the point where I would dread opening my email box. Usually I would just delete them without reading them,but the fact that they were there would make me filled with anxiety-because,in my mind,if you belittle what I believe,you are belittling ME.

3) I Stay Away From 24 Hour News Channels.Very little news,a lot of BS. When I was growing up,we had the local news at noon,at six,national news at 6:30,and local again at 11:00 PM. You got all the information you needed-because back then,people were actually journalists They weren't shills for political parties to try and spread misinformation for political gain. Now they are just paid  parrots for whatever political party runs their news organization.Living in NH,we get bombarded with political crap 24 hours a day seven days I week. I can watch a half hour show and see the same damn political commercial 5 times.  We really need a new Walter Cronkite!!!!

4) I Only Read Blogs That Are Uplifting To Me. If you want to discuss gardening,self improvement,self sufficiency, Laura Ingalls Widler,etc,then I am your girl.Otherwise,I am not going to read it.No offense.

By doing these 4 simple things,I now start my mornings on a more happy note.Before, I would get off the computer filled with anxiety and anger,which would color my whole day. Now, my mornings are happy and anxiety free,which makes for a better day.My spirit feels lighter!

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!


  1. Donna - i couldn't agree with you more!!! facebook was fun at one time but it very quickly got old. i don't like negativity or negative people and i very quickly tired of reading people's updates that were negative. so i got off of it years ago.

    i, too, also asked people to stop forwarding jokes that i found inappropriate or were too political - i don't want that in my inbox.

    since we moved here to the island we don't have tv so no chance of getting caught up watching depressing news all day long. we read our local news online and then read a few alternative news sources.

    i read a variety of blogs...but when someone posts something political or nasty, i just don't comment. i like reading blogs that inspire me, teach me new recipes, share gardening tips, or just talk about their own lives. those are my favourite kind of blogs. like yours.

    i just caught up reading your other posts and all i can say is that i am very glad that you are de-cluttering on a variety of levels - this will only make you better and happier! as for the new bed - i hope that it is providing you and Rick with some much-needed luxorious sleep for the both of you!

    your friend,

    1. The is bed wonderful! I don't wake up with a back ache anymore-yay!!! I am definitely feeling better on a variety of levels,but I know that it will be an ongoing journey.Say hi to Jambaloney for me :)
      Your NH Friend,Donna

  2. Enjoying these posts, Donna. Funny, that another blog I read is up to the same thing, right bout at the same time, if you're interested:
    You're both inspiring me!

    1. Thank you,Julie for the link and the kind words. I will check that link out right now :)
      Have a nice day-Donna

  3. You hit the nail on the head for sure! I couldn't agree with you more. Life is too short and can be hard enough. Eliminating those things that don't make us feel peaceful, happy, and uplifted is a very positive move. I'm so glad this is helping and you are feeling such a difference. That makes me happy :) Hugs, Amy :)