Friday, September 21, 2012

Dr's Visit...For Me And Him

I finally got tired of being tired and went to my Dr yesterday. I told her all my symptoms -

- I had three days of dry eyes,and the rims of my eyes were itchy and then
-Last Tuesday by 4:00 I was exhausted and laying down,had a scratchy throat and a few aches
-Last Wednesday,the scratchy throat and aches were gone,but the woozy feeling in my head hit along with some pressure in my sinuses.I was exhausted all day
-No stuffy nose,but the last couple of days I started a nasal drip 
-I would get headaches off and on
-My appetite came and went
-I had a low grade fever the first couple of days,but then my temp has been normal,even though inside my head feels like it's hot

She thought it was allergies and a sinus infection. I told her I take an allergy med,but she told me that it doesn't cover everything,and rag weed is terrible this year. She put me on 1750 mg of Amoxicillin a day for 10 days. I started taking it yesterday. Today, I feel more pressure in my sinuses,though it's more down into my nose,so I think it's on it's way to healing. My nasal drip has gotten worse,and I have actually had to blow my nose,which I haven't had to do since this started.

Last night I was very tired. I didn't take a nap or lay down all day,so I was in bed early and asleep by 9:00 PM. I slept great!

I was hoping it was something that would just pass,but after a week,I had enough. I realized how important my role in the home is,and there are little things that just don't get done. Also,next Wednesday Rick and I have to go down to Norwood MA for a followup  physical for the Army's TDRL ( Temporary Disabled Retirement List),which is about 2 hours away,and I have to drive. So that spurred on my Dr's visit as well. They want to have another exam of his knees ( which are fixed),his lower back ( which he had surgery on over  20 years ago) and his hearing. His hearing was deemed a bit worse on the last TDRL physical,so I can understand wanting to check on that again. Why they are worried about his knees and back, I don't know. His back is no worse than when I met him. It doesn't give him trouble. The main problem is the PTSD and TBI. We will be very glad when they finally decide to retire him fully. 7 years after his injury and we are still dealing with this ...sigh. Thank God for the VA.

Right now the Man of The Place is out in the woods,sitting in his tree stand with his bow and waiting for a deer to cross his path. He has a game camera that he checks on and found that the path it's on tends to me a morning path for deer. We will see if any decide to come out this AM.

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!


  1. Hi Donna, love time no visit here for me, life don't arf get in the way sometimes. Hope you feel better soon ♥