Monday, September 3, 2012

Is That BBQ'd Squirrel?

Friday night, Rick,Zach,and I went down to my sister Linda's for dinner.My brother Valmore,his girlfriend Robin,and my other brother Dennis and his wife Lynette had arrived from WI, America's Dairy Land. They had an uneventful flight,thankfully,and we all enjoyed playing some catchup.

Saturday, we all went down to Portsmouth for some Seafood Chowder at the River House  (BEST seafood chowder any of us had ever had!) and while Mom,Linda,Lynette and I popped around some stores,Val,Dennis,and Robin went to the Portsmouth Gaslight Company (restaurant/bar) to have  drinks and watch some football games. All the girls had gone out earlier to downtown Somersworth (our hometown,where Mom and Linda live) to some of the cute shops and Lynette picked up gorgeous pair of red cowboy-ish boots at a consignment shop. I wish I had taken a photo of them,because they had a great pattern on them and were gorgeous! After we got back from Portsmouth,we went to Linda's yet again for dinner.

Yesterday it was my turn to host my siblings,and I admit I was nervous. Val had never been to my house,and of course, I wanted everyone to have a good well as approval. I think it's a "baby of the family" thing. Also,to me,my surroundings is a reflection of who I am (more about that later.We gave them a tour of the garden (such is it is this year),The Girls,and the house.I explained what we are doing with the renovations. One thing that was a bummer at first was that it RAINED in the AM....and here we were hoping to enjoy our new deck with everyone!! Thankfully,everything cleared up by the time they arrived and we were able to sit outside,eat,drink,and be merry!

We had an eclectic menu-appetizers were salsa,gluten free tortilla chips,cheese curds ( Lynette and Dennis brought us the curds,and three blocks of Swiss,yellow chedder and pepper jack cheese!),and then we had samplings of grilled bear,venison,and BBQ'd squirrel. Yes, I said BBQ'd squirrel. Squirrel season opened up on Saturday and Brother B and our neighbor Kelly went out hunting. Brother B got a couple squirrels on both Saturday and Sunday morning.He par boiled them before grilling and put some Sweet Baby Ray's on them. Now, since I don't care for dark meat,I didn't eat any-plus,I wanted our guests to enjoy everything. Everyone tried the squirrel,and My Brothers really enjoyed it. The ladies (even my Mom!) tried it and they said it was good. The big hit was the bear. Everyone said it was the best bear they had ever had,and of course, the venison was also considered a success. The main meal was the more simple hot dogs,hamburgers,potato salad,and chips.Mom brought up her bean salad. For dessert I made gluten free double cherry crumble. We all laughed and had a great time. The beer,wine,and Captain and Coke flowed!!!  :)

Here is a photo of the Lessard clan: clockwise starting from front is Mom,me,Dennis,Val,and Linda

I love Val's shirt-it says 'Agriculture-Because starvation SUCKS!'

The person that is always sorely missed is our Dad. He passed away on Sept 4,1990. We talked about him with great love and fondness. He is always with us in our hearts.Val looks a lot like my Dad and has his sense of humor and mannerisms,so it's always fun to when Val gets going with his stories and jokes. It's like having Dad here.

I won't be seeing them before they leave on Tuesday,so we had big hugs when they left. Val promised to be back when Zach gets his Eagle Scout rank. He himself is an Eagle and always loved Scouting/Explorers.

Today here in the US it's Labor Day,a day when workers get the day off. ( Unless of course,you work retail in which case you work-been there,did that!)

I would be remiss if I did not mention that our thoughts are going out to those in the south east who have been effected by the hurricane. I hope that they can get back to their homes and lives as soon as possible.

I hope you have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!!


  1. it sounds like a lovely time was had by all during this re-union/get-together! i love bear and venison but have never had squirrel - but i would definitely try it! you guys must have bigger squirrels than we have...ours are tiny little red ones that just wouldn't be worth skinning in order to eat!

    i saw something when i looked at Val's face...still not sure what it is??? but then you explained that he has your Dad's looks and mannerisms...and i think i picked up on him being special for a reason??? not even sure what i am saying, to be honest, but i did look at all of your family and you - you have a very beautiful family! but there was just something about Val???

    our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families affected by the hurricane as well.

    your friend,

    1. We have grey and red squirrels here,and the gray ones can get rather plump,but they are still more of an "appetizer" than a meal :)

      Thank you for your kind words about my family,esp. my brother Val. I think he is one of those people whom you can just pick up a "vibe" from. My Dad was the same-outgoing,warm,and funny.
      Your NH Friend,Donna