Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back To Normal

NH is back to normal now,thank goodness! Our temps are going to be in the low 70's today,which is where I like it! After a Muffin Date with My Dear Friend Michelle,I will be helping Rick with the chicken coop. We have lost the last two days due to heat and a trip to Dartmouth.

Yesterday was our trip to Dartmouth,and it was an early one. We are very blessed to have wonderful neighbors. The Kinsleys are an older couple,who have their son and granddaughter living with them. Since their granddaughter is a year behind Zach,they are at the bus stop each day. The Kinsleys have been helping us out by getting Zach on the bus,or getting him off the bus,or watching him until we get home. It is such a big help.They are very nice people,and love Zach.

Our Dartmouth appt was in relation to Rick's heart. I guess they had to determine from the stress test,EKG,and chest xray if Rick's heart could handle such a surgery. Blood flow is stopped to the legs during surgery,and when the tourniquets are released when the surgery is over,the heart works double overtime to pump that blood back to the area.Since Rick had heart surgery to repair the hold in his heart,and has an irregular heartbeat due to his left bundle branch issues,they had to be extra thourough in their testing.Rick's stress test was completely normal,and the left bundle branch problem is actually common and has no bearing on the surgery. We were told that knee replacement surgery is the most dangerous for blood clots,which is why we are not a hundred percent sure that they are going to do both knees at once. We may not know until the morning of surgery. We do have an appt with the anethesiologist next week,and he/she will make that determination.

It was a great visit,however,and we were home by 12:15 PM. It was hotter yesterday than Tuesday, and by the time we got back,after driving four hours round trip,my motivation was not high.In other words,we did nothing outside,but last night when it cooled down (finally!) I went out to water the garden. We have a blossom on one strawberry plant,26 carrots are popping up,and the lettuce and peas keep growing. I did lose the herbs that I was hardening off,however. I will have to buy the plants at the store,I guess.

Have a great day in your neck of the world!

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