Sunday, May 23, 2010

Clearing Out

Good morning! The sun is starting to break through the overcast sky as I type this. It was quite foggy this morning,but it has burned off nicely and it is suppose to be a great day.

Our trip to Dartmouth went well,with only once glitch. Our 3:00 appt was held up due to an emergency that Dr Bernini had,and we didn't see him until 5:15. The other appt,which thankfully was first, went quickly. EKG,blood work,urine test,and a chest X Ray. We also got Rick's Coumadin prescription filled,and booked a room at a local hotel for the night before the surgery. We left home at 9:45 AM,and didn't' get back until just about 8:00 PM. It was a long day.

Yesterday we finished clearing out the area where our chicken coop is going to be built.It is amazing how much can accumulate. Wood pallets,a snowmobile,more misc wood from remodeling,etc. We ripped out a horrible little shrub that I have hated since we moved in back in 2003. Now we have this lovely cleared out spot....with the rest of the stuff in piles in the yard. Rick is going to chop up the bad pallets for kindling,and we will keep the rest to stack our fire wood on. The snowmobile is going to get put into the tree line with a tarp over it. The rest will get burned. I also planted my cukes,put out my herbs and tomatoes to harden off,and planted more peas. My first planting have just started to show! They do grow fast. I also planted more lettuce.

Today there will be more work in the coop area,and I do want to plant my corn,zucchini,summer squash,and beans. I have Sunflower seeds I need to plant,I just need to figure out where I want them. We have juice barrels that we need to cut the top off of,clean out,and put in the spigots for rain water.

We are going to put our Cornish hens in the turkey cage. They have gotten HUGE and are eating the other chicks out of house and home. Since we have no turkeys yet (hopefully we will find out the status of them tomorrow) it will be a good temporary home until the coop is built.

Out black flies are pretty much taking a back seat to the mosquitoes now. They are getting nasty. My brother in law,Brian,also known as Brother B went hunting this morning with our neighbor Kelly,and when he came back he reported the mosquitoes are thick. It's also humid,so that doesn't help. It seems we go from one bug to another with no break.

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