Monday, May 17, 2010

There's Something Missing Here.....

Lo and behold,I give you......our turkey home!

For the most part,it has been done for a few weeks now. The only things left to do is make a shelter and a feeding trough,which won't take much time. We have some roosts that we nailed to a couple of saplings,and the roosts are actually saplings that we cut down to make some room around the cage. We bought a stretch plastic type of netting that looks like chicken fencing and put it across the top of the cage,so they can't fly out.

The only thing missing is the turkeys.

Our friend CJ,who is selling us the turkeys,wound up having an accident with his incubators,so the batch of turkeys that we were suppose to get didn't make it. It has put poor CJ behind,but he says we will still get turkeys,just a bit later than originally planned.

This weekend was a beautiful one. Rick mowed the lawn on Saturday,and I finished putting the square grids on the garden boxes. Rick's brother Dale,and his son,Brody,came over late Saturday afternoon and we had a cookout,with hamburgers,hot dogs,chips and potato salad that I made Saturday AM. We had a fire in the ring out back,and the boys had smores. Then they decided that they wanted to sleep in the screen house,so Zach and Brody took out our camping cots,and zero weather sleeping bags,and slept outside.

Sunday I planted some carrots,dill,and planted my Jack O'Lantern and Sugar Pumpkin plants that I had started. I am still not impressed with my peppers,still very small,and no true set of leaves yet. When they first sprouted,I took the heat off them and put them under lights. Now from what everyone says,I should've kept the heat on them. I put the heat back on,but I think it may have been too late.Sigh. My neighbor did give me some of his pepper plants,so if mine don't pan out,I will have those at least. My Straight Eight and National Pickling cukes look great. My herbs aren't very big,though. I wonder if it's the same reason as the peppers. I may have to bite the bullet and buy the plants outright.

Today we are buying the lumber for the chicken coop. We decided on a spot,finally. Now we just need to move the firewood we have in that spot,and clear out the area.

It's gorgeous out there....enjoy it!

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