Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot Day Ahead

We are looking at a day with temperatures hitting the mid to upper 80's. That's a bit warm for our neck of the woods this time of year. It also makes for very hot conditions working outside. The spot where we are putting the coop has a lot of southern and western exposure,though it really only gets direct sun for about 4-5 hours. The sun goes down past the pine trees at about 3:00 PM. This led to a discussion yesterday about window placement in the coop. Our neighbor is giving us a couple of windows,one a small frosted glass square one,the other a rectangular,clear glass window. We don't want to fry the chickens,but we do want some light getting into the coop for the winter months. We decided to put the frosted glass on the south side,and the clear glass on the north western side.

Today Rick is not feeling well. This is due to a jar of spaghetti sauce that had been previously opened. It was in the door to the fridge,and when he made himself some corn spaghetti last night,he had me check it. It smelled OK,and there wasn't any crusty stuff on the jar rim,so he ate it. Well,he told me this morning that the sauce had tasted a bit funny,but he still ate it,which caused everything to run through him early this AM. He is letting it run through his system,then he plans on working outside. I don't know how much he will get accomplished.I will not be here,and like I mentioned above,it's going to be HOT. I am bringing Zach to the Dr's for his annual physical,which he needs to go to Boy Scout Camp this summer.I am picking him up at school at 11:30,we are going out for lunch,then heading down to Newington for his appointment at 1:15.

Yesterday Rick and Brother B started on the floor to the coop. Rick was not having a good day mentally.He kept forgetting things and getting confused,so only part of the floor got done.His speech was not good,either. He would start to say a word,then he would drag out the word a bit. This happened several times. When I asked him about it,he says he really isn't sure,but he thinks that sometimes it's because he has too much going on in his head,and he gets overwhelmed,or sometimes he will start to say something then forget mid word,and then he remembers again.

Yesterday I planted the corn,more peas,and discovered to my horror that I had not planned for my zucchini and summer squash! Where in world was I going to put them? The only bed left was the one for my peppers and green beans. So I rearranged the box plan,and planted two green beans,and had one square apiece for the zucchini and summer squash. I did notice yesterday that my pepper plants FINALLY have their true leaves! I had tried putting them back on the heating pads for a while,and that did nothing. I did give them a bit of plant food a few days ago,before I moved them upstairs,so perhaps that was the missing piece. At any rate, I am happy that I finally have my true leaves on the peppers. My first planting of peas are coming up nicely.

We moved the Jumbo Cornish Game Hens into the empty turkey cage. They are considerably bigger than the other hens,and they were crowding them out and eating most of the food. We put hay down in spots and made small shelter for them,and are using the big feeder and waterer. We checked on them this morning and they were curled up together,sleeping. So they survived the night well. We still get visited by our neighbors chickens. I think it's such a hoot to hear rustling in the tree line,and when we turn around there is a chicken going ," Bawk,bawk," checking things out.

Hope things are lovely in your neck of the woods!

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