Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frost Advisory

I did get all my seedlings transplanted yesterday-and I needed more soil than what I bought on Sunday! Jeez! Will I ever be able to figure all this out?

I finished transplanting my Straight 8's and National Pickling cukes,the Jack O' Lantern and Sugar Pumpkins,and my Cantaloupes. Now we need to put another light downstairs. One is not enough for the whole card table. I have the light fairly low because the tomatoes started to stretch,so the light doesn't shine far enough.

Last night we had a frost advisory here in NH. One would think,"Hey,it's May,we should be A-OK." WRONG. Here in central NH our last frost date is not until May 20,according to the Farmer's Almanac. We actually had snow flurries on Sunday morning. The temps during the day have been cool lately, ranging from the 40's-50's,which is a bit below normal. Last night the temps went down into the 20's. When we got back from Zach's Boy Scout meeting,Rick and I covered the strawberries and onions with plastic. Tonight is suppose to be chilly as well,though not as cold as last night. I suspect we will cover up the plants again tonight. When we got home,Brother B (Rick's brother Brian) had started up the wood stove and it felt great! ( especially after being outside laying down the plastic)

Yesterday after planting,I weed whacked the yard,and Rick started mowing it. I don't like our new weedwhacker. I find it heavy compared to our old one. I had to keep stopping to rest. While Rick was mowing with our riding mower it suddenly died. He jump started it,but he thinks there is a short in it somewhere that will have to fixed. Every time he got off it and put his hand on the seat he would get a little shock. So we shall have to see.

I am off on my weekly grocery shopping jaunt. I don't like grocery shopping at all. I am an in and out kind of gal-I have my list,and I zip through. The earlier I go,the less crowded it is and the faster I can get back home to do what I like to do!!! :)

Have a great day!

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