Monday, May 10, 2010


I went down to the basement on Friday night after we returned from Dartmouth to check on my seedlings. While my tomato plants were now starting to show their true leaves,my peppers were seemingly at a standstill. I lifted one of the peat pot cells up,and lo and behold,there were roots coming out the bottom of some of the pots. I knew what that meant for Saturday: I had to transplant them to bigger containers.In the above picture,you can see some of peppers on the left,herbs in the middle,and tomato plants on the left. I had started to switch the plants,as you can tell by the white cup,which at one point held Italian Ice. We have been saving cans,half and half cartons,Italian Ice cups,Crystal Light containers,and sour cream containers for this purpose.

I picked the best looking plants and got rid of the rest. I recycled the old soil as best as I could,whether I used it to help transplant or added it to our compost bucket.

When I was checking things out on Friday night,I checked on my recently started cukes,pumpkins,and cantaloupe. I had just planted them on Wednesday. Below is a photo of what my cukes looked like.

I couldn't believe it! The sprouts were pushing the cover of my seed starting tray up! My pumpkins were getting there as well. These roots were coming out of the peat posts,so I knew I would have to transplant these as well. I was able to get a few transplanted,before I ran out of soil. My brother in law Brian,had gone to the store and while he was there he picked me up some "keg cups",since I went through the cans,etc that I had saved up. However,I couldn't work on them without soil,and since we weren't getting to the store again until Sunday,it would have to wait.
So today I am going to transplant the rest of the cukes,pumpkins,and cantaloupes that are ready for it. I hope to get some seeds planted outside today,if the weather holds. Today it's quite chilly,and overcast. Hopefully we will not have any rain!

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