Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy Time

The past week has been a busy one,and that will continue until Christmas. My house has been overrun with boxes containing decorations. I can't see my dining room because of them and I have pile next to me here at the computer. I dried orange slices,and hot glued ornament hooks on pine cones. Friday we got our tree after Zach's dentist appointment.Saturday after I dropped Zach off at a spaghetti dinner fundraiser he was helping out at I put the lights on the tree. Yesterday after we got back from our shift at the Lilac Mall selling popcorn for our Troop I decorated it. This year I went a bit primitive,with orange slices,pine cones,popcorn garland,and a few ornaments. I opted for white lights again this year. Last year I put the Christmas cards we received in the tree,but I am still deciding if I am going to do that again or not. So I am not posting any photos of it until I decide.

Today I am going to put my greenery on my mantle,and on the windowsills. That should do it for the decorating. I do have to make candles,and start making pork pies for various friends and family.

This morning I woke with a terrible headache,so I am lying a tad low until the Excedrine Migraine kicks in. Brother B went with Rick to the Somersworth VA Outpatient Center to Rick's blood work appt. Rick sweats terribly at night,so bad the sheets get stained. We have always been told that it is due to his PTSD,but the Dr that is taking over for Rick's primary care Dr (he is on medical leave) wanted to test his thyroid to see if his thyroid medication might be too high a dose. So we shall see what happens.

There is a very good chance that they might put Rick on a ADHD med. Brain injuries cause symptoms very much like ADHD-lack of focus,organization,etc.We are going to discuss it further when we see Rick's TBI dr, Dr Whitlock,on the 23rd. He had mentioned that it was a possibility,and when we saw Ken,Rick's PTSD counselor,we discussed it with him. Ken used to be a ADHD counselor for kids,and he has extensive knowledge on the subject. One can obtain ADHD from birth,or from a brain injury,such as Rick's. In the list of 9 symptoms,Rick had 8. So Ken put down our discussion in his notes and sent it to Dr Whitlock. I wouldn't be surprised if Dr Whitlock does move forward with that idea. It would be wonderful if it helps.

Still no snow in our neck of the woods. Up north in the mountains they have some. Saturday we woke up to a dusting of snow. Yesterday we had freezing rain and sleet,which actually caused the Spaulding Turnpike to close for a few hours because the highway was an ice rink and 50 cars were off the road,even the sand truck(I can only remember the Turnpike getting closed a couple of times).Everything then turned to rain,and we had a couple inches of that,with some heavy wind. I am surprised we didn't lose power. Right now it's in the 50's (degrees),which is balmy for us this time of the year,then later today the temps are suppose to go down the 20's. According to the Farmers Almanac,we are not suppose to get any snowstorms until January,so it is looking like we may get a green Christmas. I hope we at least get a little snow. It's very strange to be in NH and not have a White Christmas!!!

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