Saturday, December 4, 2010

Proud Mumma

That's me. I am a Proud Mumma. Not Mom,Mommy,Ma,or Mama-Mumma. Zachary has never called me anything else. He says anything else sounds too weird.

Last night was the screening for "The Monsters Are Due on School Street." This short film was made by a few students from Mrs.Pomeroy's class. Mrs.Promeroy is Zachary's literature teacher. The students seem to all love Mrs.Pomeroy,and Rick and I like her very much. They took the Twilight Zone episode,"The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street," rewrote it,and acted it out. They did a great job!!! The bloopers were very funny. Each child got a copy of the movie,so when we got home last night,we re watched it,including the bloopers. Zach must've watched the bloopers 20 times. He says it was a blast making this film. All the kids got along great and had a great time.

After the screening (which included popcorn) the cast was called up to the front so folks could ask questions.

Here is Zach with his friend RJ. I was Den Leader of Zach's cub scout den,and RJ was in the den. I got to watch him grow up,and it still astounds me at how tall he has gotten and how deep is voice is!! I have a special place in my heart for "My Boys,"as I call the boys who were in my den.
Each child was given an award ( a certificate and a gold medal),which were funny awards. Zach's was "Best Laugh...Mmmmm'kay?" ( Zach likes to say "Mmmm'kay",coping the Mr Mackey character on South Park).
I am a very proud Mumma. Zachary has been on either the Honor Roll or High Honors since he was in the grade when it was implemented. He just made First Class in Boy Scouts,and now he begins work on his merit badges ( our troop likes the boys to get the basic ranks first before they let them work on merit badges). He loves to write stories and has several going on at the same time. Now he has taken his first foray into acting! Obviously I am bragging a bit,but what kind of Mumma would I be if I didn't every now and then??? :)
Today we have our mother -son time. Each time a new Harry Potter movie comes out,we go to see it,then go for pizza after. We started this tradition two movies ago,and in a little while we will enjoy this time together once again. We have asked Rick to join us,but he is not comfortable in movie theaters anymore. That's alright. He likes to see us spend this time together.
Yep, I am one Proud Mumma!!!!!!

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