Friday, December 17, 2010

Dining Room Photos

Here are my dining room photos. Since the kitchen and dining room are one big area,the only decorating in the kitchen are candles,greenery,berries and red bows on the window sills, a small silver tree with white lights on the butcher block,and assorted holiday trinkets.

Straight on view.You can see my snowman collection on the chimney shelf. Like my Santa display,I didn't put out everything like I normally do.

Left side view:
My new cabinet. I put a battery operated candle inside it,so the plastic inserts get back lit. It is a bit of a pain to take the bow,greens,and berries off the door to open it,but it looks nice. It's not lit in this photo.The cabinet might look crooked-our floor is uneven. Trying to even it out will be one of our remodeling projects this coming New Year:

Right side view. Rick's,mine,and Brother B's stocking hold greens and berries. I finally hot glued the mirror back on the top of the rack where it belongs:

A close up of the dining room window.This is what the windows in the house look like,with the exception of the bedrooms.The bedrooms just have the candles on them,with no embellishments:

Today I started wrapping presents,and am in the process of making more pork pies. The next few days will be quite busy,but I will try to blog as time allows.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Donna, how festive is your home.
    I admire your snowman collection.
    I also like the candle with pine,
    berries, and the bows in the window(s).
    I hope your family had a lovely
    Christmas, and has a healthy, happy,
    New Year!